Esteban Garcia
Apr 11, 2018
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Portland, OR

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Esteban Garcia

bassist, arranger, aelurophile, from Portland, OR

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    Portland, OR
    Current Setup:
    Double Bass: 1938 Kay C-1
    Bass Guitars: Fender Precision (1976), Jazz (MiM "70s"), Jazz Bass Special (80s MiJ fretless P/J); Sterling by MusicMan Stingray; G&L Tribute L-2500; Ibanez SRF706 fretless 6-string
    Synth Bass: Korg Volca Bass + Alesis Q25
    Amplification: GK MB 200, GK Neo 112-II
    Favorite Genres:
    Latin, Black American Music, classical, Americana
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Tango Villarosa (community tango orchestra: double bass)
    Pomo Leviathan (Latin fusion: producer, composer, double bass, bass guitar, percussion, piano, reeds)
    The Triage ft. LaTee Da (standards and originals: arranger, co-producer, double bass, bass guitar, drums)
    Sexton Mountain Ramblers (Americana: producer, arranger, double bass, bass guitar, vox, various)
    Tim Morris Band (classic rock: bass guitar)
    Mellow Gillennials (pops/worship team accompaniment: bass guitar, guitar, drums)
    Marguerite Bells (handbell choir: battery)
    Greenville (R&B/Americana: bass guitar, drums, backing vox)
    Poli Chávez y sus Coronados (tejano: lead alto sax)
    Pays des Cathares (classical/experimental: clarinet, alto sax)
    Wholistic Ramblers (Americana: bass, backing vox)
    Totem Soul (R&B/reggae/Americana/jam band: songwriter, lead & backing vox, bass guitar)
    Sky Truthhawk and the I-Ones (reggae: bass, drums, guitar)
    Sloppy Drunk Blues Band (classic rock: rhythm guitar)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    ALL KINDS OF WORTHLESS JUNK! (And a few things that would make me rich today if I'd held on to them)
    G.A.S. List:
    Better chops, more gigs
    Influences and Teachers:
    Influences: The Meters, The Neville Brothers, 70s NYC salsa/bugalú/brown-eyed soul, Cachao, Oscar D'León, Poncho Sanchez, Tony Banda, Rene Camacho, Dr. John, David Barard, Willie Colón, The Staple Singers, Betty Harris, Irakere, Los Van Van, N.G. La Banda, Parliament/Funkadelic, Bootsy!, Larry Graham, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Esther Phillips, Phillip Glass, Phyllis Dillon, Peter Tosh, Aston Barrett, Paquito D'Rivera, Lee Dorsey, Celia Cruz, Georgia Aguirre, Orquesta Anacaona, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Hiking, climbing, skiing, meditating
    Rekindling long-dormant solo project Pomo Leviathan (all instruments, vocals, compositions, arrangements and production):


    I like all the basses
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