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Feb 2, 2016
Jun 3, 2009
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North Germany


from North Germany

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Feb 2, 2016
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    North Germany
    Current Setup:
    Tino Tedesco Big Boy 5
    Ibanez Blazer
    SKC Bogart 5
    Status/Trace Elliot T-Bass 5
    Fender Precision 73/76
    Yamaha TRB-JP
    MusicMan Sting Ray
    Fretless 4-string, diy
    4-string UDSSR

    Mesa Boogie 400+, m9
    Mesa Boogie Diesel 1x15
    Hughes Kettner Quantum 610
    Mark Bass Big Bang
    cab 2x12, diy
    Yamaha B100 II
    Roland Cube 30

    Ebs WahOne
    Ebs octabass
    Ebs dynaverb
    Dunlop Bass Cry Baby
    mxr octave deluxe
    mxr 10-band eq
    mxr bass auto q
    mxr stereo chorus
    Danelectro cool cat chorus 18v
    vox over the top boost
    Little Lehle
    Ibanez Tube King
    Maxon cp9pro+
    Hughes&Kettner tube factor + OKKO mod.
    Ernie Ball volume 25k
    xotic x-blender
    G-Lab sd-1 delay
    Boss bass eq
    Boss tu-2
    Korg pitchblack
    voodoolab pedal power plus II
    burkey flatliner
    amp - woolly mammoth clone
    amp - micro amp clone
    ehx bass big muff
    ehx white finger
    my dirty fingers
    Gigs and Ensembles: