George Dennis
Sep 26, 2019
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The Antipodes
Electrolyte Analyst @ Brawndo Inc

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    Home Page:
    The Antipodes
    Electrolyte Analyst @ Brawndo Inc
    Current Setup:
    '92 Squier SPB-33 |
    '94 Vantage VB-25SCE |
    '96 BC Rich BCR WPP |
    '99 Warwick WT5 BO |
    '01 Ibanez GSR-200 FL |
    '03 Musicman SUB4 SLO |
    '05 Squier JB STD |
    '06 Ibanez EDB-700 |
    '10 Maton JB4 FL |
    '11 RIC 4003 FG |
    '11 Fender MP Tele HH |
    '13 Steinberger XS-15FPA |
    '17 Chinese Legend CLF PJ |
    '20 vSpy [Custom '72 Tele] |
    '20 Tokai "Legacy" 54 SC |

    GD Bassic 70 Tube |
    Roland 120xl Cube |
    Roland RX uCube |
    Peavey Minx 110 |
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    TBC ... with/without drummer
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Applause AM51 Tone-ply P-Bass
    ('89-'92) ♡Stolen not forgotten♡
    G.A.S. List:
    Nibbana ... no not a Warwick Streamer in Nirvana Black ... you know, Nibbana! The bodhi tree? The lotus position? The noble truths? ... Nevermind!
    Til then, lookin' for a 2x10(?) 8 ohm extention cab for George and a >200w SS amp head ... to work the Ric-o-Sound ... or for the bad days, you know, when ol' George blows a fuse!
    Liking the look of the Ampeg Micro VR stack ... or the Rumble 200 v3 cab, but might just replace the driver and rewire the Minx from combo to head & cab? (For a peewee, it rocks!)
    Suggestions welcome!
    Thanks to all your input, settled for a Roland 120xl Cube Amp. Very clean like its little brother and already have George who's happy to play dirty.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Tom Waits, Mom, Dad, Ethel, Billy-Bo-Bob, the cast of the Waltons ... and Happy Days. Monkey Magic too, you know, the TV show? Sesame Street as well, that was a big one. And F-Troop and Bonanza. Grizzly Adams is right up there with ol' Ben and that cute crazy coot that looked just like Uncle Jessie from Dukes of Hazard, Mad Jack, that's right ... and Number Seven his mule ... never did get how Adams understood that bear?
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Discovering life's wonders and sharing these with others; particularly nature's everyday treasures.
    Despite the eccentric appearance of an East European nation recently released from the smog-grey straight-jacket of Soviet Era aesthetics, George's heart beats with a celestial provenance that voices his owner's diverse interests.
    Having cut punk teenage teeth on a P-Bass wedded to a Boss HM2 pushed through a 200w ghetto blaster, George's owner eventually unplugged, picking up an acoustic four string as he toured the world, leaving childhood behind.
    He then spent thankless hours trying to harness the instrument's Xen tones until, years later, after settling down with a wife and a kid and a mortgage, he met George and finally found the Warwick of his childhood dreams: a Thumb Bass ... but a fiver.
    Open as ever to the nudgings of the universe, together they embraced the Thumb which revealed the mysteries of the Circle of Fourths and Fifths which they've been exploring ever since.
    Otherwise, you know, just engaged in everyday attempts to align the infinite iterations of the cosmos into the tones and timing that is the Xen of bass.
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