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Feb 15, 2021
Jul 11, 2019
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Feb 16, 1982 (Age: 39)
Disable Epileptician

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Male, 39, from PNW

You're all part of the most beautiful story ever told. Oct 16, 2019

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Feb 15, 2021
    1. HagenToke
      You're all part of the most beautiful story ever told.
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    Feb 16, 1982 (Age: 39)
    Disable Epileptician
    Current Setup:
    Us Masters bass 5 string(OG headstock.)
    Hand made bass 5 string(one continual piece of very old antique Koa wood. No joints, no glue. Just one piece head to tail. Imagine a log carved into a bass)
    SX PJ bass. Bought it years ago when first learning to build. (I got it to play decent eventually but like all newbies I poured WAY too much cash into it lol.)

    Ampeg SVT 2(non pro)
    Peavey 810tx (no handles on sides)
    Peavey TKO 80

    vintage Sheffield loaded(not labeled)

    Other basses and guitars
    Favorite Genres:
    Alternative, Metal, Stoner Rock, Post Metal, Gospel.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    SWR sm 1500.
    Peavey pro 500.
    Peavey tko 80
    Peavey mark 8
    Fender something.... It was big and super quiet. Didn't have it long.
    Pearl export series drum set

    Damn I have recently become epileptic. And it has destroyed my memory I will add this as I remember things. Lol
    Influences and Teachers:
    Nirvana (what? I was born in '82 give me a break)
    Tool (big time)
    my cousin, just incredible player (guitar)
    I thought the was so cool. He's older, and I remember hanging out with him and his band They were all older guys and I thought they were just cool as poopie.
    I wanted to be just like them.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Fixing guitars, building amps speaker cabs. Refurbishing old amps, old & mistreated tools. Grow/breed new strains of medical grade marijuana. (Yeah, yeah big deal, big deal. But it's something I'm very proud of Through my work I now have strains that no one else has...anywhere.)
    Playing live music. Love it!!!
    Gardening&landscape stuff around my house. I like making things, anything. I also enjoy fixing stuff. LovevChilling with my cat I live spending time with my dog, training her, playing fetch, (aka keep away) and bonding together.oh and also my wife. Lol JK... she is awesome.
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    I have no degree because there's no institution credible enough to give me one. - Albert Einstein
    I was in a band called Under The Given. We put out three albums. Check us out if you like. www.underthegiven.com. all the music is free to listen to and if you scroll down there is a bunch of crazy pictures you can zoom into

    Good news!!! I'm getting back together with some of the guys... Excited to see what comes in the future. I will keep you posted.
    God bless, stay woke, don't buy into this Fear-demic/Fake-demic!!!

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