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Hans Engelmann
Last Activity:
Oct 18, 2018 at 2:45 PM
Jun 11, 2017
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Student / Musician / Employee

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Hans Engelmann

Male, from Chile

Hans Engelmann was last seen:
Oct 18, 2018 at 2:45 PM
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  • About

    Student / Musician / Employee
    Current Setup:
    1 Loop FX Loop
    Aphex 1402 Bass Xciter
    Aphex Microphone X
    Art Pro Audio Dual RDB
    Boss BCB-60 Pedalboard
    Boss CE-2B with Fromel Electronics Mod
    Boss CS-2
    Boss NS-2
    Catalinbread SFT
    Cort Cables
    EarMaster Pro 6.2
    EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Deluxe
    EBS Flat Patch Cables (PCF-10/18/28 & 58)
    Ibanez SR506 Custom with Seymour Duncan Steve Bailey onboard preamp and active pickups
    Ibanez SR5006 Prestige
    Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome
    Korg Nano Series 2 Bundle
    Kowka Custom Attenuator/Killswitch Pedal
    KRK Rokit 8 pair
    Line 6 Relay G50
    Nomad NBS-1310 Score Stand
    Peavey ReValver 4
    Radial StageBug SB-2
    Reaper DAW
    Roland Studio-Capture
    Samson SP01 Spider Shockmount
    Shure PGA 56
    Shure PGA Drumkit 7
    Shure PSM 300
    Toontrack EzKeys
    Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0
    Truetone 1-Spot
    Warwick Rockcase ABS 10505 B/SB
    Warwick Rockstand 3
    Waves Q-Clone
    Favorite Genres:
    Progressive Rock / Metal
    Jazz / Jazz Fusion
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Alesis 3630
    Alesis NanoCompressor
    Ampeg Micro-CL
    Aphex Punch Factory v1
    Aphex Punch Factory v2
    Aphex Xciter
    Behringer PB600
    Boss BF-2B with Fromel Electronics Mod
    Boss BF-3
    Boss CEB-3
    Boss CS-3
    Boss DM-2W
    Boss FV-30L
    Boss GT-10B
    Boss GT-6B
    Boss OC-2
    Boss OC-3
    Boss ODB-3
    Boss PH-3
    Crate BX-100
    Custom made Fretless Bass with Seymour Duncan onboard preamp and active pickups
    Custom made Iceman Piccolo Bass with Seymour Duncan onboard preamp and active pickups
    Darkglass B3K
    Darkglass B7K
    DigiTech Bass Squeeze
    DigiTech Bass Whammy v2
    DigiTech CabDryVR
    DigiTech JamMan Stereo
    DigiTech Whammy IV
    DigiTech Whammy Ricochet
    DOD 250
    Dunlop Cry Baby Bass Wah 105Q
    Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah CBM105Q
    Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff
    Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff
    Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano
    Electro-Harmonix Pedal Bag
    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
    Gallien Krueger 400RB-IV
    Gallien Krueger Plex
    Hartke 410XL
    Hartke HX810 HyDrive
    Hartke HyDrive HX410
    Hartke LH1000
    Hartke VX410
    Hartke VXL Bass Attack
    Ibanez BTB496QM
    Ibanez GSR396
    Ibanez PD7
    Ibanez RG8 with Blackouts pickups
    Ibanez Sound Wave 100
    Ibanez SR400
    Ibanez SR496 Custom with 3 Active Seymour Duncan Phase II pickups
    Ibanez SR800
    Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini
    Korg AX1G
    Korg AX3000B
    Line 6 Pod X3 Pro
    Line 6 Studio GX
    Marshall 9000 Preamp
    MXR Phase 90
    Peavey Firebass 700
    Pedaltrain Novo 18
    Radial ProRMP Reamp Box
    Roland GK-2B
    Roland GK-3B
    Roland V-Bass
    Seymour Duncan Paranormal SFX-06
    Sine Effect Electronics Disphoria
    Sine Effect Electronics MegaPara
    TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini
    Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig
    Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
    Tech 21 SansAmp Programable Bass Driver DI
    Tech 21 VT Bass v2
    Zoom 506
    Zoom 607
    Zoom 7010
    Influences and Teachers:

    - Jeff Berlin
    - Billy Sheehan
    - Jaco Pastorius
    - Victor Wooten
    - Dave LaRue
    - John Myung
    - Randy Coven
    - Jerry Peek
    - Bunny Brunel


    - Marcelo Villegas
    - Marcelo Córdova
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Computers, Video Games and... Beer!