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Joshua Phelps

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    Current Setup:
    no bass gear at the moment.....
    Favorite Genres:
    To Hard to Pick.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    i Wish
    Previously Owned Gear:
    SLABS -

    Yamaha Rbx 260 (red/pink)
    Yamaha Trb-6 (trans blue)
    Epiphone Ebm-5 (nat ash)
    Squier P-Bass
    Rouge 6 String (Bubinga Stain)
    Mim Jazz Bass (Black)
    Spector Legend 6 (Bubinga Stain)
    Warwick Corvette Standard (German) (Ash/Red)
    Warwick Corvette Standard (German) (Bubinga)
    Deluxe Active Jazz Bass (Antique White)
    American Standard Jazz (blizard Pearl)
    Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless (Bubinga)
    Pedulla MVP 6 w/ Soapbars (Green/blue)
    Pedulla PentaBuzz (Green/blue)
    Takamine G Series Acoustic/Electric
    Ken Smith Bsr5gn 18v (Shedua/Maple)
    American Standard Jazz (White)
    American Standard Jazz Fretless (Black)
    Deluxe V American Jazz Bass (3 Tone)
    Deluxe Active Jazz (3 Tone)
    Geddy Lee Jazz MIJ (Black)
    Ken Smith Bsr5j (Maple/Maple)
    Squier PBass (Black)
    Yamaha Rbx 260 (Natural)
    Pedulla Pentabuzz (Artic Night)
    Ken Smith Bsr6gn 9v (Cocobolo,Mahogany,Maple)
    Ken Smith Black Tiger bsr5tn (Walnut,Maple)
    Jasmin Acoustic/Electric

    Amps -

    Polytone MiniBrute
    Peavey Tko Combo
    Beringer 15 Combo
    Peavey Tko Combo
    x2 Swr Working Pro 410's w/ Swr 550x
    20th Anniversary Swr Redhead
    Hartke Hydrive 210c Combo

    Uprights -

    Develi 3/4 (Gamba)
    Shen Sb80 (Violin Corners)
    Romanian Flatback (Carved) (Gamba Corners)

    Bows -

    Brazilwood 3/4
    Albert Nurnberger 3/4


    Boss Rc300
    G.A.S. List:
    Shen Rogeri SB300/SB800
    Influences and Teachers:
    Michael manring, Les Claypool, Victor, Stanley, Flea, Jaco, Geddy, Gary Karr, Edgar Meyer.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Instrument Building, Recording, Playing Bass
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