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    Home Page:
    Venice, CA
    Current Setup:
    '72 P
    '83 red Ric 4003
    1993 Ric 4004 Cheyenne...the NAMM show piece
    '95 Franken P
    2006 Franken Dirnt P
    Custom Wenge USACG...in progress
    Nitro Warmoth PJ, Duncans, reverse headstock tele maple/ebony neck...Best Warmoth ever!!!

    Prototype SWR Bass 750...Hand wired by Steve Rabe
    '86 SM 400
    Original PB 200
    Prototype Chrome Bass 350...one piece carriage
    "THE" Interstellar Overdrive used by Adam Clayton to record U2's PopMart
    GP Pre-amp
    Original SWR Power amp 800
    Custom no horn Big Bertha 2x15 (2)
    Big Ben 18
    3 original Eden loaded Goliaths
    8 and 4 ohm Goliath Jr. 2x10's
    prototype SOB 1x15
    Baby Blue
    Basic Black

    Much more misc. stuff and parts...
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Loads of film and TV cedits...
    Previously Owned Gear:

    I was the customer service manager and artist relations guy for the company when they were kings of the bass amp world.

    Helped design and test a lot of their gear

    Good with Fenders and Rics...losta stuff...

    Was Guitar Center Hollywood's bass guy and bass buyer for a while.

    Ken Smith custom 4 Ser# 299...White pearl finish...would love to find it again

    Hamar Scarab
    Original Ib Roadstar
    '71 Tele bass
    Warmoth Tele bass
    Warwick Dolphin 4 #1
    Tobias lacewood 4
    '62 p "Marianne" sold it to Buck Cherry's bass player
    a few Peavy basses
    a bunch of project fenders...MIA MIJ Squires
    A few Yamahas
    LOL...owned a ********...Probably forgot about a lot!
    G.A.S. List:
    Need a nice lightweight body for a killer Warmoth reverse headstock tele neck......got it and it ROCKS!!!

    Love early 70's maple p necks...own a few...looking for more at the right price.

    Would love an old solid color Pedulla...

    Always on the lookout for cool basses...

    Would kill to find a bass that records and sounds as well as my old P does. Seems to be a never ending quest.

    An old Steinberger would be cool...

    Looking for an old SWR made GT Pre...!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Geddy Lee
    Geezer Butler
    Steve Harris
    Steve Rabe
    Hobbies and Interests:
    I now remodel houses..LOL


    Bass players do it deep 'cause they can...

    Rickenbacker club member #148
    P Bass club member 180
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