Mar 9, 2008
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    Hochelaga Archipelago, Canada
    Current Setup:
    Fender Nate Mendel P
    (Wearing TI flats)

    Fender bassman 100T

    Bassic 15 (Faital 15PR400)
    Ampeg SVT210AV (X2)

    Redwitch Zeus
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Lila dit ├ža, Go Sumo, The Blast
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Too much...

    Fender pawn shop Bass VI
    Fender CS Reggie Hamilton 5
    Fender Roscoe Beck 5
    Epiphone Jack Casady
    Lakland Frankenbass 5
    MPG Level 5 P/MM
    Reverend Rumblefish 5L
    Lakland 55-02
    Musicman Bongo 5 HH
    Lakland DJ5 with Audere JZ3
    Dingwall AB1
    Fender J fretless
    Lakland 55-01
    Squier Matt Freeman P
    Squier 50's Precision

    Aguilar AG500SC
    Aguilar DB750
    EA Iamp 800
    Ashdown Mag 300
    Genz Benz GBE750
    Genz Benz Neo pak 3.5
    GK MB200
    Mesa Walkabout
    Ampeg V4BH
    Orange Terror Bass
    GK MB Fusion
    Gene Benz shuttle 6.2
    Genz Benz Shuttlemax 12.0
    TC electronics RH450
    Aguilar TH500
    Genz Benz Streamliner
    Mesa D-800+

    Baer ML112
    Eden 115XLT
    Avatar B212Neo
    Accugroove Tri110L
    Phil Jones 9B
    Euphonic audio CXL-112
    Orange OBC-115
    Berg NV610
    Euphonic Audio NL210
    Bergantino AE212
    Audiokinesis Thunderchild 115 AF
    Audiokinesis Thunderchild 112
    G.A.S. List:
    Pretty happy with my current setup;)
    I'd take better ears over gear anyday...
    Influences and Teachers:
    Scott Lafaro, Flea, Guy Boisvert, Henri Texier, John Paul Jones, James Jamerson, Steve Swallow, Glen Moore, Miroslav Vitous, actually, come to think of it, I should be playing DB!
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Flying, travel, law, languages, mountain biking
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