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    Southern California-Inland Emp
    Current Setup:
    Electric Basses
    Nordy vJ5 Classic, Nordy vJ5 Modern, Nordy vM5, Nordy vP5 Modulus Q5, Warwick Dolphin Pro I 5str, Fender Jazz 5str , Fender Jazz 4str 1980, Fender Precision 1964,
    NS Design CR5,
    E.Wilfer EDELWEISS 3/4 Size Double Bass, Kay1964
    Genz Benz Stl 900 and Suttle 9.2, Bergantino AE112 x2 cabs, Berg AE 212.
    Favorite Genres:
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Freelance Concerts, Tours, churches, events
    Previously Owned Gear:
    F Bass, MTD 535, Fender Precision 5, Alembic Spoiler 4, Alembic Epic 5, Kramer, Fender Jazz 77 and 78, LowEnd 5, Fender Jazz Marcus Miller 5, Fender Jazz Victor Bailey 5, Music Man 5
    1975 Accoustic Head and Cab, Aguilar DB 750, Aguilar GS 410, GS 210, SWR SM900, SWR Golliath III 410, Mark Bass amps and cabs, Eden XLT 12 Cab, Shroeder 410 and 12/10 cabs
    Influences and Teachers:
    Electric--Joe Osborn, Paul McCartney, Prince, Marcus Miller, John Pena, Neil Jason, Tony Levin, Mark Egan, Alex Al, Dan Lutz, and many more
    Upright--Eddie Gomez, Ray Brown, Chuck Berghofer, Brian Bromberg, John Clayton