Aug 6, 2009
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    Current Setup:
    Crappy $101 EB3 No name copy. 1980.
    Elmaya Rick 4001S copy 1980.
    1983 Alembic Spoiler.
    1976 Gibson Thunderbird.
    Elias Bass 1983.
    Squire Fretless jazz vm 2009.
    Squire P bass 2008.
    G&L L2500. USA. Honey.
    Pedulla Rapture RB-SB. Purple.
    G&L. JB-2 USA. Cherryburst.
    1968? Apollo Beatle bass copy.
    1983 Rickenbacker 4003.
    1951 p bass replica body and 70's Telecaster neck.
    1970's ash precision body and 70’s fender precision neck.
    2007 Music Man Sterling HH.
    Spector MK5.
    G&L El Toro.
    Cataldo/johnk10 reverse tbird. Nitro white.
    1983 Fender 62RI Precision sunburst fullerton.
    Tune Japan twb5 birdseye maple top/mahogany.
    2006 Warwick ltd Dirty blonde Thumb.
    Dingwall Blackburst ABZ5.
    Epiphone elcapitan 5 string acoustic.
    1974 daphne blue musicmaster.
    Metallic red metal flake G&L sb-1. 2017.
    geddy lee jazz bass-made in japan-sunburst.
    Tech 21. PSA 1.1
    Trace Elliot GP11 MKV Preamp.
    Art Pro Channel Comp/preamp.
    Aguilar Agro.
    Alembic F-2B preamp.
    Eden Navigator Preamp.
    Mesa Boogie D-180 amplifier.
    Glockenklang Soul amplifier.
    Traynor YBA-1 amplifier.
    Ampeg V4B. 1972?
    ROKON bass 100w tube amp.
    Ampeg SVT VR.
    1967 SUNN sprectrum 1 50w tube amp.
    Crest CC2800 power amp.
    tc stacatto 51
    Glockenklang duo 2x12 volt cabinet.
    Glockenkland Quattro USA 4X10 cabinet.
    Bergantino NV412 Cabinet.
    Mesa Boogie Diesel 4 X 10deep.
    Single 15. EV (mesa boogie black shadow) cabinet.
    single 18. Peavey Black Widow Home made cabinet.
    hartke practice amplifier-david ellefson model
    Bergantino b amp.
    Favorite Genres:
    Metal, Hard rock, Classic rock.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    six bucks a night.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I have never sold any gear.
    G.A.S. List:
    sadowsky. lull.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Geddy Lee. Chris Squire. John Entwhistle. Gene Simmons. Jaco Pastorius. John Wetton. Geezer Butler. John Deacon. John Paul Jones.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Cars. Motorcycles.


    MM Sterling member #159.
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