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Jun 20, 2019 at 4:12 PM
Apr 6, 2013
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Apr 12, 1969 (Age: 50)
Home Page:
Oslo, Norway

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50, from Oslo, Norway

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Viewing thread Warmoth Owners Club!!, Jun 20, 2019 at 4:12 PM
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    Apr 12, 1969 (Age: 50)
    Home Page:
    Oslo, Norway
    Current Setup:
    Grand Stick #5285 - Graphite
    Grand Stick # 511 - Shedua
    Grand Stick #1160 - Purple-Heart 1/4 fretless
    Stick # 020 - Bubinga
    Stick #2565 - Polycarbonate
    Stick #1214 - Ironwood
    Grid #2165 - Polycarbonate
    Status/Costanzo 5 string fretless
    Alusonic J Special 5 string
    Biarnel Akmè VK 6 with GK pickup
    Warmoth P-Bass "Funk Machine"
    Warmoth 5 string fretless
    Status/Warmoth "Jazzenstein" fretted
    Status/Warmoth "Jazzenstein" fretless
    David King 5 string
    David King 5 string fretless
    Yamaha TRB-5P
    Music Man May '77 1977 StingRay 4 string
    Music Man December '77 1977 StingRay 4 string
    Music Man 1978 1977 StingRay 4 string
    Music Man May'79/80 1977 Fretless StingRay 4 string
    Music Man StingRay Classic 5 string
    Steinberger L-2
    Telelan with Di Piazza bridge
    Epiphone El Capitan V fretless
    Ashbory De Armond
    Kala U-Bass
    EUB Alter Ego 6 string
    EUN NS 5 string
    Double bass with B-Band pickup

    SWR Baby Blue II with extension cabinet
    Acoustic Iage Coda + with TenX2 cabinet
    Agent for Scandinavian countries: Stick Enterprises Inc.



    Ciao, Francesco
    Being in a band is like being 16 all your life.
    www.oleask.com francescohp.com

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