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Mar 31, 2016
Aug 31, 2010
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    A Brit Abroad Halifax Canada
    Current Setup:
    No Bass at the moment, just finished building my first six string, from a silver Maple tree I felled in my front garden. I played Bass from the Age of 16, but havnt played now for 15 years. The Maple tree has enough wood for another 4 guitars, so my second build will be a 5 string thru neck bass built entirely from maple. Other equipment I use a line 6 30W amp for my guitars, which include a Squire Strat, an Aria Semi Acoustic, a no name guitar from the 1960s, and a Lorenzo 6 string Acoustic, oh and of course my first custom 6 string, also completely maple, it plays quite well for a first build.
    Favorite Genres:
    Blues Metal Funk
    G.A.S. List:
    Wal Pro Bass, I could never afford one though
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