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    Current Setup:
    Basses: G&L L-2000 (US), Fender Hwy-1 P, Spector Euro (NS4CRFM), Yamaha BB415
    Amps: Mesa Basis M-2000
    Cabs: Wayne Jones 2x10, Nearful 1x15
    Strings: Circle K standard, Circle K balanced, DR Lo Rider
    Pedals:Boss BF-2B, EB Volume, Source Audio Bass Envelope, EHX Freeze, Iron Ether Cygnet, Analogman mini-chorus, Sonic Research BT-200, Source Audio Bass Distortion Pro, Boss OC-2 (Octave), Grey Stache, Xotic BB Preamp, EHX Bass Micro-synth
    Misc: Peavey PV8, Korg PitchJack, Ion iED01 electronic drums, Rondo Harmonica set, Ocarina, tambourine
    Favorite Genres:
    Metal, Funk
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Fracture - www.myspace.com/fractureonline
    Previously Owned Gear:
    BASSES (order of ownership):
    Yamaha 4
    Ibanez GSR-200FM
    Schecter C-4
    Schecter Elite-4
    Schecter Custom-5
    SX Fretless
    Ibanez SR-505
    Lakland Skyline JO4
    SX MM-Clone
    Peavey T40
    Schecter CV-4
    SX P
    SX PJ
    G&L Tribute SB-2
    G&L Tribute JB-2
    SX Jazz w/ covers
    Ibanez Musician ('81)
    SX Jazz 5
    LTD D-5
    Univox P ('71)
    Ibanez SR900FM
    Lakland Decade (Skyline)
    Brubaker Custom 4 (Fuel's bassists bass)
    MTD KZ5
    Warwick Rockbass $$
    Fender P Standard (US)
    Ibanez ATK305
    Kawaii FIIB
    Warwick $$ (German)
    Sterling by EBMM Stingray
    EBMM Stingray HH

    AMPS/CABS (order of ownership):
    Crate MXB-25
    Fender Rumble 50
    Dr. Bass RX 2x10
    Eden D410P
    GK 800RB
    Crate BT-50
    GB Neopack 3.5
    Schroeder 1210R
    Schroeder 1210L
    GB GBE-600
    GB NeoX-212T
    Mesa Powerhouse 2x15
    Eden D112XLT (2)
    Ampeg V4BH
    Mesa Powerhouse 4x10
    GK 1001RB
    Kustom K-150
    Aguilar DB 112
    Aguilar AG500
    Orange Crush 35B
    Mesa M-Pulse 600
    Bergantino HT-322
    Ampeg B-15
    Fender Bassman 25
    Bergantino NV610
    Orange Terror 500
    Eden 212XLT

    Aphex Punch Factory
    Aphex Bass Xciter
    Barge Concepts Custom Blender
    BBE Opto Stomp
    BBE Sonic Stomp
    Behringer Bass BDI
    Boss AW-2 (Auto Wah)
    Boss BF-3 (Flanger)
    Boss CE-5 (Chorus Ensemble)
    Boss CEB-3 (Bass Chorus)
    Boss DS-1 (Keeley)
    Boss PSM-5 (Master power)
    Devi Legend of Fuzz
    Digitech Bad Monkey (modified)
    Digitech Badder Monkey
    Digitech Bass Multi-Chorus
    Digitech Bass Synth Wah
    Digitech Multi-Chorus
    Digitech Whammy
    DOD FX20 (Stereo Phaser)
    DOD FX25 (Envelope)
    DOD FX66 (flasback fuzz)
    DOD FX72 (bass flanger)
    DOD FX75 (Extreme Flanger)
    Dunlop 105Q Bass Wah
    EB Jr. Volume
    EB Volume
    EBS Multicomp
    EBS Wah
    EHX Bassballs (Russian)
    EHX Big Bass Muff
    EHX Big Muff Russian
    EHX Dr. Q
    EHX Holy Grail
    EHX Memory Man
    EHX Micro POG
    EHX Nano Clone
    EHX Small Stone
    EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Harazai
    EBS Multicomp
    EBS Wah-One
    ElectroniX Messdrive
    ElectroniX Submarine
    Fulltone Bassdrive Mosfet
    Gator Pedalboard
    Guttermouth Catastrofuzz (w/ expression)
    Guttermouth Doom Fuzz
    Guttermouth Tremolo
    Guyatone BR2 (bottom wah rocker)
    Korg PitchBlack
    Guyatone BR2
    Ibanez CS-9 (Vintage stereo chorus)
    Ibanez PD7
    Line6 M13
    Morley Bass Wah PBA-1
    Morley Dual Bass Wah
    MXR Bass Envelope Filter
    MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
    MXR Distortion+ (Vintage)
    MXR Doubleshot
    MXR Phase 100
    Peterson Strobo Stomp
    Pigtronix Disnortion
    Sansamp Bass Driver
    T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr
    Toadworks Redux
    Voodoo Analog Chorus
    Voodoo Labs Power II
    Voodoo Sparkle Drive (modified)
    Voodoo Superfuzz
    Vox wah (modified)
    Whirlwind A/B
    Whirlwind Imp 2 DI
    G.A.S. List:
    Rumblefish (PJ)
    Lakland (white JJ w/ diamond PG)
    Peavey G
    Les Paul Money
    Influences and Teachers:
    Pnut (311), Marcus Miller, Flea (RHCP), Timmy C (RATM), Chris Wolstenholme (Muse), Tony Kanal (No Doubt), Justin Chancellor (Tool)