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Nov 15, 2012
Sep 18, 2012
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Nov 15, 2012
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    Current Setup:
    Bass: Fender MIJ 70's Classic Precision Reissue (Mfgr. 2011,) Arctic White with White Pickguard, Alder Body/Maple Neck, Low Action, High Pickups.

    Pickups: Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Quarter Pounders.
    Strings: Ernie Ball Power Slinky
    Pick: (When Used) Herco Flex 75
    Amp: Ampeg BA-115, Style 3, High 4, Mid 6, Bass 8
    Portable: Vox Mini 3.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    I am not active as a musician at this time.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Drum "disclaimer." I can answer anyones questions about anything drum related, as I have played the drums for 22 years and have 13 years of stage experience on all levels just short of the top so (unless otherwise noted) my gear list is compiled based on many years of malfunctions and breakage and a lot of money. I've had it go wrong live (still pulled it off though) as well as at home so my drum gear list is solid, battle tested, you don't have to sacrifice sound if you set it up right, and the chances of it breaking are slim to none. My style necessitates power, intensity, consistency and presence so it is geared around being solid. If you need an answer about the drums, please feel free to ask me. I will give a correct answer or solution.

    I am a total noob on the bass in the scheme as I've only begun to start to get good at a few things 9 months ago, and I am learning from you. I am learning a lot fast.

    Bass Guitars:
    Ibanez Sound Gear Gio
    Epiphone Thunderbird 4.
    Squier 70's Jazz Mod.
    Fender MIM 70's Jazz Reissue
    Fender MIJ 70's Classic Precision Reissue (Current Bass)

    Drums i have owned:
    CB-700 5 Piece, Maroon (Starter/Experimental/Throwaway)

    10 Piece Ludwig Superclassic, Black (Gig worthy but you must stay on top of them, and they are dated. They sound like they were made in the 70's which they were. They don't sound bad, but they don't sound great. They sound like a modern mid level kit for the most part. Still- if well kept, they are very sturdy and can take a beating.)

    Gretsch Catalina Birch, Blue (Gig Worthy but if you have power, you'll be making a lot of adjustments throughout the set. They can take a lot of punishment but they feel "loose" and sometimes toms will break loose and hang if you play them too hard. A great sounding kit for the money that can absorb punishment but it falls short when it comes to sturdiness.

    Tama Starclassic 6 piece, (Shells only) Dark Cherry Fade, the entry-mid level standard for modern pro drumming. They are very sturdy, they can yield many sounds for many styles, and you can whack a tom with a baseball bat and it won't move. You won't get a true "Drum Workshop" sound out of them, but they have a sound that is unique to them, and they are just as sturdy as their more expensive counterparts. When you get a kit like that, you're just going on preference. I like DW's, but I like Tama's better. All of my below listed gear either migrated to my Tama Starclassics or were added and didn't fail under my stress tests when set up properly.

    Extras/Cymbals/Hardware: (this is all battle tested and proven for me if set up correctly. Has never failed me at a show ever.)

    Dark Cymbals:
    16,17,19 and 20" Zildjian Z Custom Crashes (Circa 1999, I have yet to encounter one from that time frame that is breakable unless the person actually tried to break it)

    Bright Cymbals:
    Zildjian Avedis 20"/51cm Ping Ride
    Zildjian Avedis China High
    Zildjian A-Custom Projection Crash
    Zildjian A-Custom 6 and 8" Splash
    Zildian Zil Bel, both Large and Small
    Wuhan Trash China

    Primary Hi-Hats: Zildjian Z Custom 13" (dark)
    Secondary Hi-Hat: Zildjian A Custom 13" (bright)

    Jam Blocks: Both Blue and Red (Blue gives a rim-shot clack that the snare I use can't do easily)

    Primary Snare Drum: Pork Pie 12x5 Squeaker
    Secondary Snare Drum: 8x10 PDP.
    Snare Drum Heads: (Batter) Evans G2 Coated
    Snare Drum Heads (Resonant) doesn't matter to me.

    Tom Heads Batter: Evans G2 Clear
    Tom Heads Resonant:Evans G1 Clear.

    Bass Head Batter: Same as above.
    Bass Head Resonant: Evans G1 Black

    No dampening of any kind used at any time. It kills all of the sound.

    DW-5000 Tri Bearing, Triple Link, Chain Driven Double Kick Pedals,
    DW 2 Legged Hi-Hat Stand (I forgot the number but I'm sure it's 5000 or above)
    DW Hydraulic Secondary Hi-Hat Attachment
    Gibraltar Racks with Memory Locks, Rack Toms, Ride Cymbal Boom Arm, and Crash Booms Attached, also by Gibraltar.

    Bass Drum Kick Pads- Remo Falam Slams
    Octabons x2 and mount by Tama
    Rototoms x3 with mount by Remo.

    All of it has been used in shows and also withstood being played with weight attached to test overall stress resistance.

    It all got stolen from our jam space in 2008.
    G.A.S. List:
    My drums back for one, as my Z-Customs are now a rare item.

    Gibson Nikki Sixx Signature Thunderbird.
    Any Bass that is loud mean, ugly and nasty.

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