Items from Jefenator

  1. Valvetrain Brandywine

    American Made 50 Watt – Recording Bass Amplifier
    The Brandywine Bass amp marries vintage tone and design with modern features and construction methods. Inspired by the bass amplifiers of the early 1960’s that set the benchmark for recorded bass tone the Brandywine remains true to it’s roots. In order to control today’s active basses there is a variable pad that switches from passive to active mode. The variable feature allows today’s bassist to dial in the sweet spot for 9 and 18 volt systems. The Tone stack in the Brandywine is a...
  2. Lakland Hanson P-4 Neopunch

    Pickup intended for the 4 String P Bass enthusiast. This model is found on Bob Glaub & Duck Dunn Signature Models. This pickup utilizes Lakland/Hanson's own construction in an exposed pole construction.
  3. Radial BigShot I/O version 2

    True-bypass Instrument Selector