08 American Standard Precision & Marcus Miller Jazz

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  1. I've never had a Precision before, so this is a real departure for me! Quality is lovely on mine, but I was lucky that Dave at Electro had ordered two. The first had terrible half finished lacquer on the back & a barely finished neck. This one is much better! Another interesting thing - The bass I rejected also weighed significantly more than mine. The '08s are generally quite lightweight feeling, but the other one was definitely much much heavier!

    The new 3-tone sunburst is a lot nicer than the old yellowy-brown affair, with more red than brown. The new bridge seems a lot sturdier & the glossed fingerboard adds a touch of class to the whole bass. Pity the back of the neck isn't glossed as well like on my Marcus Miller Jazz. That one feels truly special! Soundwise, the Precision is traditional P with a touch of something a little more modern. Could be the strings I've put on, but it has all the classic thump with a slightly more modern 'twang to it!

    I've been experimenting with my Sadowsky preamp/di pedal on these two & the results are astounding!

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    Nice pair! If I could choose to own only 2 (new) fenders, it would be a MIA P and a MM Jazz.
  3. Congrats! Great basses!

    I just bought the same pair, although my Fender P has a redwood neck. Strung it with La Bella flat wounds (first time using flat wounds). Holy hell.....so that's what all the fuss is about.....AMAZING!

    Did your MM come with a case? My MM is the triple sunburst finish....It looks great on that bass. Natural is awesome as well.

    That MM has jazz growl like Ive never heard before.....it makes my eyes water. LOL
  4. Hey DJShawn47, the MM didn't come with a case, no. I had to buy a $100 hard shell but no real pain there (apart from UK prices!)

    Yes, the Miller does have a great growl, but try it through a Sadowsky pre and it becomes something else altogether! The sound is a lot warmer, with loads more output as well. All in all makes my jazz the first competitor sound-wise and output-wise to my Status basses.
  5. Yeah, I didnt think they came with cases.

    Bro- You should come to the states and buy your stuff, your Euro is worth time and a half against our dollar.

    Im flying to Ireland tommorow morning, spend a few days there and then head to Scotland for a few.....I just looked at the exchange rates.....dollar sucks right now. Now is the time for Europeans to come over here, travel and buy stuff.

    looks like I will be traveling on a budget though.....LOL

    Enjoy the new gear. I will see if I can find a Sadowsky pre to run the MM through.
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    Nice buy, use them well!

  7. funny..they are the two basses I am debating getting.. one or the other.. I played both.. but maybe I was playing a bad marcus but it didn't have anything near the zang of the passive p and j 08s.. they were actually louder and much nicer tone..maybe the battery was gone I amn't sure

    Which do you prefer?

    I have two Jazzes so I will probably go for the P, god the one with olympic white body and shell pickguard is stunning!..as is yours.. really gorgeous looking basses
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  9. not off topic:p
  10. Which do I prefer? Well, weight-wise it's the new Precision. The 08's are so light & it packs a serious punch through the Sadowsky preamp pedal. But playing wise & sound I much prefer the Miller. It's got such a distinctive sound for a jazz, probably the ash body & glossed maple neck, but a really nice bass all in all.