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12" speaker recommendations?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by feelinglame, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Recently came into possession of an old 1982 Peavey 412s guitar cabinet. Like the size and durability but the Scorpion speakers can't handle the power I'm pushing through it. Don't have much experience with shopping for speakers. Does anyone have any recommendations for speakers to go in a cabinet of this size on a budget? Don't have to sound great, just able to handle some volume. Would like the overall impedance to run at four ohms. Thanks
  2. cfsporn


    Aug 20, 2011
    New York City
    Is it an open backed cab? If so, cut your losses and loose the cab because no transducer change will make it work for bass.

    If it isn't, you are still better off ditching it for a bass cab but your options are a little less limited. That said, for the price of 4 12" bass guitar drivers, you'd probably come out ahead if you just got a bass cab.

    Designing a bass cab is a lot more than just throwing any driver into any cabinet. There is a lot of math involved in the process to keep it from sounding like crap and/or blowing out speakers.
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  3. Not an open backed cab. I've owned bass cabinets that have the depth of this, despite it being intended for guitar. Attached is a picture. I used it for quite some time before the scorpions gave out, and it had a great midrangy sound that worked very well with the other cabinet I paired it with. Just looking for some speakers that can handle the power.

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  4. What's the internal volume of the cab? How much power is the cab going to see? No tone concerns? Which Scorpions were in the cab? Were the driver failures thermal or excursion related? Budget?
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  5. Internal volume is 7.05. The cab will have around ~200 to 350 watts run through it. The cab is intended to provide mid-range and higher-range frequencies to be paired with a very bass heavy cabinet I own, but I'm not going to be picky as I only have so much to spend. I don't recall the exact model of the Scorpions. The outer rim of the Scorpion speaker cones would begin to rattle if I pushed too much bass through them. I don't believe they technically failed, but I don't know the vocabulary or details and am not an expert so I could be wrong. Budget is ideally around $200, but the cheaper the better, and if I have to go above that I can make it work. Any recommendation would be appreciated, and any more info needed I can provide.
  6. Two hundred dollars for four 12 inch drivers is reallyy not enough. For a sealed, plug-n-play solution consider four Eminence Beta 12a's or Dayton PA310-8's. Both are exceptional performers at the price. Either will handle 350w thermal or excursion limited. I know of no lower priced 12's that will meet their TS specs - typically, they will handle the thermal power, but will have significantly lower sensitivity, and higher FS & Qts. The Eminence Delta & Kappa Pro's would also work well, and would add a few db sound per driver. If weight is an issue, your best bet is the Eminence S2012.
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  7. Weighing my options. Your input is very appreciated

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