SOLD 120th Anniversary Gibson SG

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    2014 Gibson 120th Anniversary SG. Recent setup with new strings. Sweet Jack Bruce sound and Gibson growl. Lightweight without sacrificing the bottom end. Comes with Gibson HSC.

    Open to trades. Would love a hollow body. The price includes shipping to lower 48.


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  2. What's the neck like on one of these? Nut width?
  3. Neck feels good, not to thick 12" radius. Nut width is 1.6/2.23. Use this link for more manufacturers specs. Thanks SG Special Bass
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    Hi - I had a similar SG bass which I traded and have regretted since. Any interest in an early (2003/4) Musicman SUB bass? This is an American-made, active one that I wish I could give you a precise date on, but someone removed the serial number plate on the back. They're becoming harder to get these days due to the fact that they were only produced for a few years - seemed to be a losing proposition for them money-wise.
    I can send pics if interested
  7. Thanks for the offer. I use to own the MM SUB. Sold it to help fund my Stingray 4HH.
    I'll have to pass on this one though. Thanks again.
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    Oct 4, 2016

    No problem. Good luck with the trade/sale.
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    Scale length? Short? Surprisingly, I couldn't find that on the specs link you posted?
  10. Sold. Thanks all.