SOLD 1969 Rickenbacker 4001 Mono Refinished

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    This is a feeler more than anything, this is a really sweet bass that i would like to keep but I have some larger bills that need to be paid.

    This bass is a '69 mono jack Rickenbacker 4001. This was made before Ric-O-Sound was even invented, it's a real deal 60s Ric. It has all of the cool features from that era, checkerboard binding, full fretboard width crushed MOP inlays, walnut wings and extended headstock.

    It has been professionally refinished to restore it back to its original Mapleglo glory, the guy I bought it from didn't know who had done the resto job but I have to say it was done extremely well. Neck is straight on it and the truss rod works, I haven't tried it myself because I know how these necks can be but I bought this bass from a reputable collector and I will take his word for it. This bass looks almost brand new now, ready to rock for another 50+ years.

    It has some parts that have been replaced as far as I know these are the replaced parts:pickguard
    Strap buttons
    Treble pickup cover?
    Pots? (I'm not 100% sure about those)
    As far as I know the rest of the parts are all original. The toaster and higain really get that McCartney vibe with the TI JF344s I have on it. I do not have an exact weight, it isn't heavy by any means however.

    At some point someone had a P Bass pickup routed out and installed on it, the pickguard completely covers up the spot. You wouldn't even know it's there unless you took the guard off. There are some filled in holes on the headstock where someone had string trees drilled in at some point in time.

    This is a great 60s Rickenbacker, it has been restored and given new life. This is a great chance to get your hands on a pretty rare vintage bass that you can actually play without having to worry about scratching it or babying it too much.I promise you will not be dissapointed with it.

    I am open to partial trades for a P Bass, can't go wrong with another P. I need to get 3300 cash coming my way at a minimum for it however.
    I'll do my best to answer questions, ask away.

    I will ship to CONUS, I will split shipping with the buyer.


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    Where in Texas are you?
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    PM sent!
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    Outside of Houston.
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    Jun 20, 2014
    Amazing bass!!!

    one observation though
    Rick-o-sound exists since 1964!!
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