SOLD 1978 Fender Precision Wine Finish

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  1. Miles Berry

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    Apr 14, 2006
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    I got this recently in a trade and its super sweet but I am reconciling myself with the fact I don't live in a music mecca and I am not gigging at the moment so I don't need as much gear. This is a 78 p that is original except for the pick guard and wiring. The finish is what I believe to be "wine", a custom color offered in the late 70's. My digital bathroom scale placed the bass at 9.2 pounds, so not a lunker. Tons of life left in the frets but could probably use a set up and a little bit of fret leveling, there is a little bit of fret buzz around the first 5 frets, plays beautifully up above the 12 fret with no buzz however. 1.625 width at the nut. Pretty ugly ding underneath the neck in the neck joint finish, I never got the story about what happened there, looks pretty ugly but it seems to be in the finish only. Also, looks like someone drilled extra screw holes for the bridge plate, not sure why, otherwise its great, comes with bridge plate as well.

    1800 shipped obo.

    I really don't need any music gear so outright sale much preferred.

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    I have a '78 and there's nothing like them
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    Dec 7, 2017
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    I’ve also considered selling my 78 as I also am not gigging (yet). But then I play a blues riff across the La Bella flats and think how much I’d regret not hearing that warm growl. It just feels good. It’s also my birth year, so I’m a little prejudiced.
    Consider keeping it. Wine red looks really good on these things (more so with a black PG). Otherwise, GLWTS.