For Sale 2004 USA Peavey Cirrus Custom Tiger Eye

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    My recently-acquired 2004 U.S. made Peavey Cirrus Custom is now up for sale. COVID-19 can claim my job as another economic victim, so I need to raise as much funds as possible. The timing couldn't have been worse as this instrument lives up to the hype!

    • Body woods: 5A quilted maple top, mahogany body panels with purpleheart veneer; tiger eye finish in poly gloss
    • Scale: 35", four string
    • Neck Construction: neck-through five-piece birdseye maple / purpleheart
    • Width at nut: 40mm (1.575") with a 12” radius
    • Fretboard: Ebony with abalone side dots and 12th fret "Cirrus" inlay
    • Pickups: Peavey VFL® (Vertical-Flux Loading)
    • Electronics: Peavey Millenium including 3-band EQ, sweepable mids, volume, blend, 18V; walnut control knobs
    • Cavity Covers: Natural wood with complete shielding, matching quilted maple headstock overlay
    • Accessories: Gotoh drop D Tuner in gold with the original one included in satin gold included; Dunlop strap locks installed
    • Case: original Peavey hardcase with case candy all in perfect condition
    • Weight: 8 lbs. 11 oz.
    • Condition: 8.5/10 excellent, besides mild cloudiness in the finish around some of the body edges due to years of storage in the case. This is visible in attached photos. Neck is straight and stable, action is low. Not a single scratch, ding, or mark on her.
    • Strings: D'Addario XL Half-Rounds (medium)
    The bass received a brand new, hand-carved Graphtech nut with PLEK fret analysis and enhancement at Philtone Guitars of Baltimore in 2018. I took it a step further and used orange oil and wax on the neck, Alembic guitar polish on the body, oiled all the wood cavity covers, replaced the 9V batteries with new Energizer Max 9Vs, and applied some Deoxit F5 to keep the pots smooth and clean.

    Bass History:
    This instrument represented the top of the line Peavey Cirrus of its time, and is even featured on the cover of the included owners manual. The serial number has been confirmed with Chris at Peavey Customer Service.
    Original sale listing of the New, Old Stock (NOS) instrument
    Listings by the original owner on Talkbass, xposaune: (1) (2)
    Sale thread by moreblues from my purchase

    Asking price is $925 plus actual shipping which is quite a bit less than what I paid for it last week and includes shipping east of the Mississippi. Of course I can make accommodations for a socially distant, local drop-off up to 100 miles from 20010. Please contact me with any and all questions. A reasonable offer could be entertained.

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    Good luck with sale. This is a nice bass at a fair price. The ebony board in particular is super nice. Sorry to hear about the job situation.
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    Sorry to hear about your sucky timing. Can 2020 suck any more ? You ad is one of the most complete, informative posts ever.
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    I agree, 2020 really needs a restart or to accelerate to completion. Though, to have your health and the health of your family is really all one can ask for by the end of this thing.
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    Man I hate to to hear about this...such a sweet bass. Best of luck to you!
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    Wish this was a 5!
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    I know!
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    That's a total bummer. Just curious why talkbass is rubbing you the wrong way ?
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    Beautiful bass....
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    How far east of the Mississippi will you ship? Europe?
  11. Would you mind sending me a PM. I've a few questions. I tried to msg you but it said "You may not start a conversation with the following recipients: nonconformist.". I might be too lurky - I'm not sure the problem.

    Edit: just saw "Removing from Talkbass Classifieds as I am permanently deleting my account from this forum after 12 years."
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    Has this bass been sold?
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    Guys, I think the Seller has left Talkbass
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    Mystery, intrigue and a cliff hanger ending..
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