SOLD 2014 USA Gibson EB5 only $675 shipped!!!

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    Up for sale is my 2014 Gibson USA EB5. This bass in excellent condition and sounds like thunder. Super low action, Set neck, coil splits, and Babicz bridge (factory). Beautiful rosewood board and dunlop strap ends. ONLY 8.4 lbs on my BR scale, and feels lighter! This has a huge, thick, powerful sound, and with the coil taps, get pretty close to a hot jazz sound. Has one small spot below the strap button where the paint was rubbed off, Im guessing from the strap (pictured).Comes with Gibson HS case. Priced low to sell quick. Shipping CONUS only and its included! $795.00 $750.00!!

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    That is Dead Sexy !!!!!! .... I have one in Red and I absolutely LOVE it !! ...killer sound, nice and thick...and light weight !....someone will be very happy with this... GLWTS !
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    I Agree! and the gold looks killer. And this thing sustains!!
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    Price Drop. What?? USA made Gibson with Hardshell case for $750 shipped??!! CrAzY!!:bassist::hyper::thumbsup:
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    Id trade for a Ibanez SR755 PJ... or make a reasonable offer...
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    I've heard Rob play this bass live. It sounds great!!!
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    huge price drop. got my eye on something! now only $675 shipped conus for a USA Gibson 5. crazy!!