4 Gold Wilkinson Y-shaped tuners

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  1. I've got a set of 4 in-line (meaning all on the same side) Wilkinson tuners for sale. They are die-cast and gold colored. They are not for the Fender style holes - they are for the standard "Gotoh" style mounting holes and single mounting screw setup. I believe the gear ratio is 1:17. They are sealed (versus open gear) and manufactured in Korea.

    They're really nice tuners for being so inexpensive - the build is solid, they turn very smoothly, and they hold tune well. It was used for a few months on a project bass that was put together, strung up, played a handful of times and then taken apart. After that they sat around in my house. The tuners show only minor wear; one has a few scratches that I think are from my dog but otherwise they are pretty clean.

    These sets sell for around $45 new, and these are used but in pretty good condition so I'm asking $35 OBO (shipping is included in whatever price we work out). CONUS please. All mounting hardware (bushings, washers and mounting screws) IS included. PM me with offers and feel free to post questions in this thread.

    My crappy pictures really don't do these things justice; the gold finish is actually really nice. The photos make it darker than it really is.


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    Do you know what size those are: 3/8", 11/16" ? Also, do they appear to be reversible at all - can you reverse the side the tuner is on?
  3. These are built for 9/16" or 14mm size holes. I do not believe they are reversible - I suppose you could make new mounting holes on a left handed neck and put the tuners in but the tuners would oriented strangely.
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    Right...These are not reversible. But they are awesome tuners. Stable and very precise. Wilkinson is strong in this department. Their pickups are average. But their tuners and bridges are above board. And at $35, it's a great deal too. I use these for several 5 string bass building projects. All my bass buyers love them.

    Don't be stupid people....This is a great deal...Courtesy bump!
  6. They were great tuners for the short while I used them. Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence!
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