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For Sale 7/8 Fully Carved Maple/Spruce Shen Gemunder Roundback w/ C-extension

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by DerekWBass, Dec 19, 2022.

  1. DerekWBass

    DerekWBass Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2022

    I have read threads on TalkBass for years, but this is my first time making an account and posting.

    I am selling my fully carved Shen Gemunder 7/8 Roundback with a C-Extension and solo extension fingerboard. The bass is an unmarked prototype of their Gemunder model with a spruce top and maple back and sides. This bass is a round back as opposed to the current Willow models which are flat back.

    Mike Shank installed a new fingerboard and the C-extension on this bass in 2020. Early Irving Sloane tuners -- not what currently come on newer Shen basses. Mike Shank estimated the bass was made circa 2000. The bass has a 42 1/8" string length. The bass was drilled by a previous owner, and I have the very small wooden endpin they used with it. I am 5 11" and the angle they drilled at did not work for me, but Mike Shank said it could be re-drilled.

    It is a great bass, but it is just a little too big for me. Looking to move to something more appropriately sized for myself. Bass has a deep, powerful sound. Well suited for orchestral work. Could work for jazz too, but I don't have a pickup on there at the moment and I have it strung with Belcantos A-G and a Spirocore C string. Great professional freelancing workhorse bass.

    I am asking for $11,500. The bass is priced to move. I really want this bass to end up in the right hands. Happy to drive a bit or meet half way for people who want to audition the bass. I'm located around Baltimore, MD.

    - 7/8 Gemunder body shape with a round back
    - Spruce top
    - Maple back and sides
    - New Fingerboard with solo extension and C-extension by Mike Shank in 2020
    - Early Irving Sloane tunes
    - String Length: 42 1/8"

    Dimensions (rough measurements made by myself):
    Body Length: 45 11/16"
    Full Length (endpin in to top of C-extension): 79 3/16"
    Lower Bout width at widest point: 27"
    Upper Bout width at widest point: 21"
    Upper Rib depth close to neck: 7 5/16"
    Upper Rib depth at widest point: 8 11/16"
    Lower Rib depth at widest point: 8 10/16"

    IMG-2174.jpg IMG-2180.jpg IMG-2176.jpg IMG-2179.jpg IMG-2175.jpg IMG-2178.jpg IMG-2177.jpg IMG-2182.jpg
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  2. Maple top?
    Seems quite unusual to me.
    GLWTS nevertheless!
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  3. DerekWBass

    DerekWBass Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2022
    Francois, thank you for catching that. It is a Spruce top with Maple back and sides. The reverse of that would be very unusual indeed! I had it correct in the initial paragraph, but mixed it up in the list of details. Oof.

    It's fixed now.
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  4. ;)
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  5. Nwabass

    Nwabass Supporting Member

    Aug 3, 2019
    Northwest Arkansas
    Beautiful bass. I have the spruce/maple flatback version minus the extension circa 2004.
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