89€ bass guitar!

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  1. dave84


    Sep 29, 2019

    Hello bassist, this is the first of a series of covers played with the new Harley Benton PB20 satin black, low costing 89 euros!

    As the first song, I chose a Maiden classic so that it can help to compare the sound of this bass with the typical Precision sound ...

    In the next few days I will publish other covers played with this HB, so I invite you to follow my channel to keep you updated!

    Davide Panetta

    PS: it is the first time that I officially approach the recording of a cover of Maiden (although Harris is one of my reference bassists I am mainly a new wave bassist!) So have clemency for the performance of the performance
  2. Enjoyed your cover very much. Bass sounds great. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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  3. dave84


    Sep 29, 2019
    Thanks to you for the comment !!! Having said that you are the bass cover guru this compliment is worth three times! Would you like to take a look at my channel ...

    Davide Panetta
  4. I just subscribed to your channel. Cheers
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