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  1. I don't care how you do it, but I challenge you to listen to all 14 volumes of The Complete Motown Singles within the next 90 days. All told, there are 1,849 tracks, spanning 82 hours.

    We can do this! Let's talk about it as we go.

    I've created a Spotify playlist for this challenge at the spotify link below. If you don't like the ads, just sign up for their 99 cent 3-month trial -- and cancel within 90 days if you don't like it. Or check out the worldcat link below, and see if you can find these CD sets at a nearby library.

    Who's in?

    Spotify playlist:

    Worldcat search results:
    Results for 'the complete motown singles' > 'CD audio' [WorldCat.org]
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    OK... My daughter in law has been busting my chops to put down Pandora in favor of Spotify for many months now...
    You, my friend, just shoved me past the tipping point! :thumbsup:

    I'm all in!
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  3. Cool! I don't want to push a particular service, but this offer was hard to pass up. I'm sure if people look, they can find them elsewhere or through interlibrary loan.

    Let me know what you like as you listen. Here are some tracks from Volume 1 (1959-1961) that stood out for me

    CD 1
    Snake Walk, Part 1 and Part 2 -- The Swinging Tigers (Tracks 9 & 10)
    Motor City -- The Satintones (Track 14)
    Money (That's What I Want) -- Barrett Strong (Track 15)
    Gotta Have Your Lovin' -- Eugene Remus (Track 27)

    CD 2
    Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That -- Mable John (Track 10)
    Who's the Fool -- Singin' Sammy Ward (Track 18)
    We Really Love Each Other -- Henry Lumpkin (Track 27)

    CD 3
    Whole Lotta Woman - Regional Version -- The Contours (Track 11)
    Money (That's What I Want) -- Richard Wylie and His Band (Track 19)
    Blibberin' Blabbin' Blues -- Gino Parks (Track 25)

    CD 4
    Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide -- Marvin Gaye (Track 4)
    I'm So Sorry -- Mary Wells (Track 7)
    Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right -- Barrett Strong (Track 11)
    Romance Without Finance -- The Temptations (Track 25)

    CD 5
    Please Mr. Postman -- The Marvelettes (Track 1)
    The Stretch -- The Contours (Track 3)
    Someone To Call My Own -- The Equadors (Track 9)
    Strange Love -- Mary Wells (Track 17)

    CD 6
    What Makes You Love Him -- Sammy Ward (Track 7)
    Tie Me Tight -- Bob Kayli (Track 12)
    What's So Good About Goodbye - The Miracles (Track 21)
    Congo, Part 1 and Part 2 -- The Twistin' Kings (Tracks 23 & 24)

    I think Lyle Lovett might have spent some time listening to Sammy Ward.
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    After which point each of the surviving artists from the playlist will be able to divide the 3 cents of royalties between them.
  5. Sure. I understand the concern.

    It's an introductory offer. The artists will get a few more pennies if people continue their subscriptions at the regular rate, which I will probably do.

    It beats ripping library CDs to my computer, or sourcing all of my music from YouTube.
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