SOLD 98 Warwick FNA(Price dropped)

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    Im trying to fund another Warwick bass and need to thin the herd. That being said I’m Selling my 1998 Warwick FNA. This is a stingray killer. Red stained flame maple over a swamp ash body, with the coveted wenge neck and fretboard. The pickup is an mec with a Seymour Duncan preamp. This is in pretty great shape considering it’s age. A few dings here and there with little to no fret-ware. ***Dropping price to $675 shipped in the US.*****

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  2. Such an underrated bass, and a great price too as I’ve seen RB basses selling for more. If this was a 5er I’d buy it up! GLWTS!
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    I have the five string version -- red '98 FNA -- in very similar condition except that the frets are substantially worn (and yet it continues to be a great-playing bass). Like yours, it has a very thin layer of what I believe is mahogany between the maple top and the ash body. It's great live but it absolutely slays in any recording; it will cut through any mix with that growl. GLWS!
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    Wow, that is a KILLER price! I've got a FNA jazzman 5-string and those MM pickups are great. Punchy like a SR but growly and earthy like a Warwick.

    And this is a Wenge neck too!

    Somebody is gonna get a crazy deal, I can't believe it's been up for as long as it has. These maple-on-ash Warwicks are very light and comfortable. Mine is a 5 string and it weighs in at 7-8 lbs.

    GLWTS :thumbsup:
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    I believe it's a sliver of walnut
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    Dear Foaming-at-the-Mouth (see I Jokes!)
    Is said bass still available? I recently purchased a Robert Trujillo (used) Streamer Artist, made in Korea and she's giving me fits trying to cure the fretbuzz. I am a bit of a string attacker due to playing for years with too-high action basses. How is the action on your bass, tone, etc, It is active or passive? Really doesn't make a difference, just curious. I picked up an Eden amp recently and need a bass to go with it. Please let me know. I am in northern MN. Thanks in advance. Best of Luck to you and yours!
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    Is this still available?
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  8. yes, this is still available.
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    Nice bass, I had a 5 string version last fall. Traded it because the string spacing was too close. What is your string spacing on your bass? My son liked the FNA 5 string but said if it were a 4 string he would want one.

  11. Currently the spacing is just shy 18mm. The bridge still has room for spacing adjustment I’d need be. That’s the great thing about these Warwick bridges.
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