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    May 28, 2005
    portland, or
    so im considering a few different options to expand my current set-up and I humbly ask for guidance/assistance; as Im not versed in electrical, from my knowledgeable TB brethern.
    Its gonna be long so make a samich n grab a beer... and again I dont know about electrical so I know Im ignorant but Im not stupid so please explain things to me. Thank you in advance!

    option 1
    bass>G30>Boss tuner>Smoothie>SFT>BSY-600 all on a pedaltrain mini > amp
    (amp is eden WT550, WT260 as back up)

    option 2
    same as option 1 but all installed in the rack case with amp instead of pedalboard

    options 3+
    variations of the above line up, but with less stuff in the chain
    mostly likely G30>tuner>smoothie>amp

    First thing...would having the G30 receiver close to the amp inside the rack case cause any interference/issue? Ive seen plenty of rack mounted wirelesses next to/close to amps but not this paticular model...I ask as I know its made for pedalboard mounting. I did try it at home and i didnt notice anything weird but again I ask becasue I dont know these things.

    Second thing, Ive read that the SFT functions better at 18v so Id like to have that if possible but I think that that would require a power supply not a wall wart

    Third thing, what power supply to run these?

    if I did my homework right, all take center negative and the required values are the following
    G30 power supply reads 9V 0.5A (which is 500 mA, right?) output and 0.2A input
    ...and so brings the question, which Amperage do I need to be concerned with as far as a power supply?

    Tuner 30 or 55 mA...i dont remember if is a TU2 or TU3
    Smoothie 16mA
    SFT 4mA
    BSY-600 30mA

    assuming the G30 requires 500mA I need about roughly 650 mA total - cause you can have more amps than you need, right?... all units are 9V except the SFT which can take 18V if ive got it. am I ok so far?

    Im not finding a power supply that will meet the 500mA @ 9V for a single unit requirement for the G30, yet I know folks must power their boards with a brick and have a G30 on it so what am I missing? is it really a 200mA requirement for the G30?

    ...the only option Im finding that would work for the 500mA plus need is a 1spot, but I wouldnt get 18V for the SFT..unless its possible to safely use a adapter for 2 plugs into 1 to make 18V.

    Could I just plug up the Line6 wallwart in and a 1spot for the rest and call it a day? Would the 1spot indeed cover it all? would there be any down side to using a 1spot? would a brick style power supply be better/safer?

    Let me know if I left any gaps in the info or questions...thanks again
  2. Slade N

    Slade N Supporting Member

    May 28, 2005
    portland, or
    but I wouldnt get 18V for the SFT..unless its possible to safely use a adapter for 2 plugs into 1 to make 18V.
    ...on 2nd thought, I think this wouldnt work because itd still be only 9V just more amperage.....am I right?

    boy am I a mess or what?
  3. BazzTard

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    for the 9v pedals, , I use the Boss PSU and it has 1500mA, plenty of extra mA. Then you would need an 18v unit for the other pedal.

    Or get a brick,the advantage is you can get them with say 8 x 9v outs and a couple of 18v outs , so the one unit powers all your needs. I'd go this way,plus they have pretty blue LEDs,can't have too many of THEM hehe
  4. jumblemind

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    Aug 27, 2011
    I would just pick up a Boss daisy chain and power everything off the tuner pedal, except for maybe the wireless unit, but it could work, too. The SFT runs just fine on 9v...18v gives you more headroom and usable range before it starts distorting and compressing/farting out, but there are plenty of good sounds to be had at 9v. Depends on your use. I would consider the 18v a nice-to-have if your setup supports it but otherwise not worry if it complicates things. And no, you can't join two plugs into one off of a one spot to get 18v safely. Godlyke makes a power pump adapter that will work with some chains, but you may be better off getting a dedicated power source or a pedal power + type unit with an 18v outlet option (not ideal for a pt mini).
  5. Two 9v wired series is called a fire.

    I don't see how racking pedals makes any utility.

    IWNBARMPB. Plenty of room under mine for Dunlop brick, not so heavy but not insignificant either.
  6. Slade N

    Slade N Supporting Member

    May 28, 2005
    portland, or
    pedals are protected, no need to run another power cable just for pedal board or a line back to head from pedalboard...not handy if youre engaging/disengaging pedals within a song however