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  1. Got myself a real beast of a bass, couldn't be happier...

    When it works. Occasionally (much more often lately) the sound will crackle, which sounds just like when you wiggle around oxidized pots, and then fades into silence all without me touching anything except playing the strings. I think I narrowed it down to something battery related, because when I messed with the battery (changing it out, moving it around) some of the same crackling happens again. Most curiously, the only reliable way to fix it (temporarily) is to unplug the jack and plug it back in. This causes a lot more interference than I would expect, but immediately after I plug it in the bass sounds just like normal, until it decides to do its thing again.

    This sound familiar to any of you guys?
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    Most likely the stereo barrel jack has gone bad and needs to be changed. They are impossible to clean well or adjust the contacts. New Switchcraft is about $10.The PCB has to come out to change the jack. While the PCB is out clean the pots and change the battery clip and it'll be good for another 20 years. Note the High control is a dual pot so there are two sections to clean.

    The barrel jacks are a little delicate. It's best to use a 90 degree plug at the bass and loop the cord through the strap to strain relief and keep the weight and movement of the cord from bending the contacts over time.

    The wires to the output jack will need to be un-soldered to remove the PCB. Here's a pic of where everything goes.
    Dyna Bass Pre wiring-text.jpg
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  3. +1 on the jack. Got one on my bench right now that could use a new jack. Interestingly, it works relatively fine when I tweak a straight cord the same direction it would be if it was going up and through a strap.

    Also have an Ibanez 6 with the same jack the needs to be replaced for the same reason.
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