adobe audition with guitar rig

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  1. hi all,
    currently i use adobe audition for recording software and using native guitar rig as an effect. but i could not use guitar rig as a plugin on audition. does anyone happen to know how to solve this problem???
    i use audigy ls souncard with asio4all driver.

    thanx guys.
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    I don't know Guitar Rig, but I guess it's a DirectX plugin you installed in your system having Audition already installed. Doesn't it appear in Effects > DirectX? If that's the problem, go to Effects > Refresh Effects List. After some processing, it should be available in Audition. Hope this helps. :)
  3. In case it is a VST plugin (which iirc it is) and Audition does not support VST you could try using a DirectX Wrapper plugin.
  4. maybe you havent know that newer version of audition has the capability to use vst plugin, but great news. guitar rig has released a new version that compatible with adobe audition.
    i will tryt them and post how its going to be... :hyper:
    but, thanx anyway guys...

    hey, do you know that asio4all driver could make non-asio card capable of asio... even an onboard card. i could get 4ms latency from an onboard card, is'nt that amazing??? try to download them ( but sadly it doesnt support audigy ls card :crying: )
  5. Yeah, didn't know that. (still using cool edit pro)

    Although asio4all is nice for lowering latency, most onboard AD converters are still pretty crappy, but at least it works.