Aero Music Man Pickup - Thoughts?

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  1. Hey all,

    I have been curious about upgrading the electronics in my Music Man Stingray Classic 4. I have been looking at installing an Aero humbucker and a John East 3 band EQ. Has anyone had any experience with either of these? I cannot find much if any information on these pickups and or pre amp. I have also played around with the idea of converting to passive and doing a V B T setup so I can access each individual coil of the pickup as well. Nothing is set in stone though.

    I've heard awesome things about Aero and have been also considering putting some hum cancelling J pickups in my 78 J Bass or a Single Coil P in my 68 Telecaster Bass. I just want to know if the price is worth it? They are pricey but if they are an amazing pickup that really emphasizes the acoustic tones of my basses I would gladly buy some. Otherwise, I am skeptical solely because I have never played them and I have not found a video review of the pickup.

    Any information helps! I know that it is considered sacrilege to modify a stingray but I am curious about getting the most out of it in my opinion. (if this is even possible!)

    All of the basses I have mentioned are heavy Swamp Ash bodies (Both my Stingray and J bass are over 11lb's!) and have Maple Necks. I know that they naturally will sound brighter and more aggressive. Any Thoughts? I want a thick aggressive tone that translates the acoustic properties of the basses in question.

    I have also considered Herrick Pickups (8 coil Wal Copy) but again, nothing is set in stone. Any information helps!
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    I've had Aero soaps and they sounded great. But better than the orig MM, Nords, Seymour, etc...meh. John's preamp will make a bigger difference.
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  3. Awesome to know! Thank you