SOLD Aguilar Tone hammer 350/TH350

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  1. Greg75

    Greg75 Supporting Member

    United States
    Selling my fantastic Tonehammer 350 with Aguilar bag, cord, and papers. All in excellent-mint condition (excuse any pictured dust, please), never having left my house.

    I purchased this thinking I would use it to take with me when playing out. It's now clear that is not something I am going to get much of a chance to do.

    The TH350 sounds amazing and works perfectly. At home, though, I always play through a 50 watt tube head and 50 watt 115 cab, so here's an opportunity to buy a terrific head.
    20210307_165816.jpg 20210307_165841.jpg 20210307_165905.jpg 20210307_165921.jpg 20210307_165937.jpg 20210307_165952.jpg 20210307_170120.jpg 20210307_170146.jpg 20210307_170152.jpg
    Payment via PayPal. Price includes shipping CONUS. International shipping available at cost.

    Thank you,

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  2. hennessybass


    Oct 11, 2008
    Bayou City
    Hey man,,, where are you at in TX?
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  3. Greg75

    Greg75 Supporting Member

    I'm in Brownwood.
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