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alembic pron

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fredguy, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. fredguy


    Dec 13, 2004
    i mentioned a while ago that we were having an alembic gathering in salt lake city and i'd post with some photos. the group gathered in the garage of the drummer where i usually jam. one of the players there figured that there was about $75000 of alembic basses and one g****r. for amps we had my mesa walkabout, mike's eden, an swr wm10, and an ampeg ba115. the cabs included my lds 2x8, swr wm2x10, swr sob 1x15 as well as mike ea rig (which i believe was a 2x8 and a 1x10). the g****r was played through my '67 fender pro reverb. the basses from left to right; front row- lefty distillate coco, bubinga spoiler/persuader (w/ signature elec) , skylark g****r, seies II, series I, coco sssence. Back row; lefty europa walnut, bubinga epic 5, lefty coco elan 6, and lastly my maple essence. after swapping alembic stories we had some great 4 bass jams with only one g****r, can you say big bottom? it was rather hard to compare cabs in such a large bass gathering but all felt that my lds 2x8 cut amazingly well. i thought that that the best sound came from the mesa through my lds cab with the mesa through the ea rig was a close second. the series 1 has the most interesting history. the body was made from wood recovered and purchased by alembic that came from a clavier owned by mozart that was recovered after a fire in germany that damaged the clavier beyond repair. it was stolen and recovered by it's owner 4 times, the last of which after being gone for 4 years when someone purchased it and looked for it's history on the alembic forum. it was an experience to play that bass although i didn't discover it's history until after the gathering. after hearing all these basses don't let antone tell you that alenbic basses are sterile or lack soul. now for the pictures...


    ps the cocobolo essence is for sale on the alembic site. no connection but the local alembic was nice enough to bring 4 basses and the g****r.