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Amp/Pickup Quandry

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Whit Townsend, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. I play DB in an alt country/americana/southern rock kinda mostly originals group. The music ranges from mellow to pretty hard rocking and loud. I also like to play BG on some tunes. My DB is a Roma ply that I got from bassesonline several yrs ago when they were blowing out inventory. Its a pretty nice basic ply Gamba style bass made in Romania with an ebony board. I had a good luthier plane the board and set it up with Superflex solos tuned down to standard. Nice tone and also slappable.
    It replaced an old Kay that the top delaminated and was just beyond fixing. For a pickup, Im still using my old BP100 glued to the bridge thru a Baggs PADI.
    My current amps are:
    Old SWR Workingmans 12.
    Old 71 50w Bassman head>old Carvin 115 cab, w a new Carvin 4 ohm speaker to match imp with the old head.
    Pickup plans: After much consideration, I think Im gonna keep the BP100 and add a Krivo mag, with a 2ch pre to blend the 2.
    Now for the amp upgrade choices.
    For now the Krivo and a good pre is gonna cost me quite a bit and Im not gonna have funds for a brand new amp/cab for quite a while if ever, unless I get something really budget like a Rumble 350 combo. That would work but I really dont wanna schlep 65lbs of amp in one trip.
    So Im thinking maybe do something with what I have.
    The Bassman rig: Sounds great with BG. Plenty loud enough.
    I havnt tried it with DB but seems to me the 115" ain't gonna be the best. I will try it when I get the Krivo mag tho. I could poss afford a new 210 or 112 neo cab for it. Downside is its gonna need a cap job in the not too distant future.
    THe SWR WM12: Works pretty well with DB. Has 2 inputs so I dont need a pedal to switch between DB and BG. Downside is not quite enough omph. I could Possibly add a 112 ext cab and up the power a bit and move more air.

    So given all that, what would yall do?
    1.Get a different cab for the old Bassman? WHat would you rec for a decent clean DB tone and still sound good w BG? Want light as poss, so neo 210 or 112, it would need to be 4 ohms.
    2.Add a cab to the SWR? Again prrefer light, so what neo 112 would match well? It would need to be 8 ohms.
    3. wait and buy something totally new, which may be a long while? I'd love to get a fEarful/fEarless 15-6 or 12-6 and something like a GB Streamliner or Ampeg SVT or Orange Terror 1000. But a new $2000 rig may never happen.