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Android Phone, iPad and MacBook?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by dtsamples, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. dtsamples

    dtsamples Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    Wilmington, DE
    Anyone out there use an Android phone but run an iPad and/or MacBook for recording and live softsynth?

    I ask because yesterday my iPhone broke and I've been interested in checking out the Galaxy Note. Well, they had a special where if you get the S4 you can get the Galaxy Tab 3 for like $100, coupled with a $50 instant rebate. So I did the responsible thing and impulsively said "Sure!"

    What I didn't realize is that Android is VASTLY INFERIOR to iOS when it comes to professional music applications. (This statement not intended to reflect the view of anyone but myself.)

    I do have a macbook, which I could integrate in my live setup instead of an iPad, but I'm hesitant to bring my computer to a show as an ancillary instrument. So I was thinking of returning the Tab and S4, going back to the iPhone and getting a used iPad. Trouble is, my wife loves the little Tab 3, and if I return my S4, the Tab has to go back too, or I have to pay some exorbitant sum for it.

    Long story medium, now thinking about keeping the tab and S4 and getting a used iPad. Not sure why, but I have reservations about having an Android in my pocket and two Apples on my desk. Something about the idea that they won't "fully integrate" with each other, though that's probably nonsense.

    In fact, after typing it out, it seems more and more to me like me being ridiculous. I use Google for everything anyway. It's just iTunes I have to deal with, really, and I mainly use Spotify.

    So would any of you have similar reservations? Should I keep the S4 and Tab and get the iPad, or return the lot? I'm sure my wife will like the iPad too, but the idea of having a separate tablet for her and one for my music stuff is appealing.

    ps. one other bummer is the intra-auricular headphones with the samsung. Love my iphone earbuds and if I use them I lose control over volume and track skipping. Any equivalents out there?
  2. suckybassplaya


    Jun 24, 2010
    I have a macbook, an android phone (Galaxy Note 3), and just recently an iPad (I also have another Android tablet). I had the android phone first, and there isn't anything I could do on Windows (or Linux, which is what I generally used before the macbook) that I can't with Mac OS X.

    I don't generally do anything with my phone that requires me to connect to my computer. I load up all my music in Google Music, which gives me access to it from wherever (and android has the option to locally download playlists/albums/songs if I want to have access while not on a network).

    But I am a gadget geek, so maybe my experience is not what everyone else's would be ;) But I have no issues whatsoever with my setup. The only thing I need/want to have synced between my devices is Evernote, and that basically takes care of itself.

    I guess the question is whether there is anything you did/do with your iPhone that you would not be able to do with the S4.
  3. dtsamples

    dtsamples Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    Wilmington, DE
    In the end the compatibility bug bit me. Exchanged the s4 for the 5s. They let me keep the tab though, so that's going to be my wife's and I have an iPad on the way from the classifieds here so all in all pretty good deal. Going to run a 12-step with GarageBand for the time being. Hoping they fixed the patch switching issue.