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Another option for attaching a mic to an URB

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by martinc, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. There has been a lot of discussion about mounting dynamic and other heavy mics to the bass.
    If you need something more heavy duty than the H clamp, this might be worth looking at. It's from Schoeps:


    I contacted the Canadian distributor to find out the price. I'll add it to this post whenever he gets back to me.
    Comes in different colours and looks strong enough to hold a spare tire for your vehicle too!
  2. douglas81


    Sep 24, 2006
    This is for the Schoeps miniature, lightweight range of mics (CCM), so probably not quite as industrial strength as it looks in the pictures. (to illustrate the point, the mic-clip in that picture is about quarter the size of a regular mic-clip). I'm quite sure it wouldn't be more heavy duty than the H Clamp.
  3. Douglas:

    They have another one for the bass...the VA 5 which attaches to the bridge rather than the body. That one looks like it is designed for a smaller mic.
    They only refer to their own microphones in the ad...but surely the big frame on the VA 4 should be able to hold an SM 58 or something like that. The mic adaptor looks standard.
    Maybe someone has seen one and will chime in but I find it hard to believe that finding a commercially-made contraption to hold a dynamic mic to a double bass has so far baffled engineers around the world.:meh:

    If you are correct ...then it looks like its time for me to order or make a spool clamp and rig something up to connect a goose neck to it. Duct tape maybe?:D
  4. douglas81


    Sep 24, 2006
    No, it isn't a standard holder - it's a lot smaller - it grips the rear of the CCM-style Schoeps mics. Here's a pic I found on google of the violin one...


    ...as you can see, the clip grips the small extrusion at the back of the mic (the mic there is a small diaphragm Schoeps).

    An SM58, to use your example, is MUCH heavier and bigger.

  5. Douglas:


    Looks like it's back to the spool clamp and duct tape.:crying:
  6. It doesn't get the mic to the F hole but I can mount an SM57 under the bridge using a regular mic clamp (the kind that screws on the stand) and a rubber band.

    I've seen a lot of players mount mics there so maybe this is an option but I personally want to mic on the F hole.
  7. Dave:

    I am looking for something to use that will allow me to aim the mic somewhere south of the treble foot of the bridge.....probably halfway between the bridge and the lower edge of the bass.
    I want to blend that with one of my bridge pick-ups. Either my Rev Solo or the Bass Max. I am still experimenting.
    I am now pinning my hopes on an Apex screw-type drum mic attachment that should fit on the large brass ferrule that secures the aircraft wire that anchors the tailpiece.
    I will attach a gooseneck to the drum mic clip and that should allow me to place the mic in the area I need.
    Still waiting for the clip to arrive though.

  8. Oh well...it looked liked a good idea at the time. The Apex drum mount does not work. Can't attach it anywhere that makes it useable.

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