Anyone dig? part 2: Van Morrison

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  1. Once again I am bored and sick as a dog, so I figured i do like i did before and see what people think of one of my favorite artists. I love Van Morrisons work. His voice is amazing , and the arrangements in his work are beautiful. His best moment was Astral Weeks, but almost all of his albums are good. Has anyone gotten his latest- Whats wrong with this picture? If so , is it any good. Well what say you???
  2. I love Astral Weeks and Moondance, but honestly, I haven't been able to get into anything else i've heard of his. I have a promo CD of about 5 tracks from the new one, and I thought it was okay, but a little too adult contemporary for my taste. Maybe I just haven't heard his other good stuff. But Astral Weeks, fantastic albu.
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    I dig him, especailly his live stuff.
  4. is OK, but the one before that, "down the road" is one of the best cds I own. Really, if you're a van fan, you MUST get it; damn it's good!
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    The new Van Morrison is nothing special, but your right about the old stuff, I you ever get a chance check out live in San Fransisco (double CD) and another real Sleeper is Avalon Sunset.
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