Anyone know who Chris Campbell is?

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  1. Give up? Chris Campbell has been holding down the low end for Bob Seger for like 40 years and is a member of his famed Silver Bullet Band. He's played bass on every single record Bob Seger has made. Thanks to my two older brothers I've been listening to Bob Seger since I was about five years old. While not a household name, Chris Campbell has been an inspiration to me for many years.
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    Everyone should give a listen to Seger's albums. The bass playing was/is always very tasty, not overplayed, but groovin' at the same time. Chris Campbell is the kind of bass player I admire, not flashy, solid, but sometimes if you listen closely there's just a tasty part in there that makes you go...sweet.
  3. Chris Campbell is like a hammer.

    Unfortunately, no one ever says, "Dude! That is the most awesome hammer I have ever seen!"

    But whenever you use it, it always works and it always works very well and gets its job done well and decisively.

    But it often will go un-noticed and un-complimented in your tool box next to the flashy, shiny, hi-tech tools.

    Chris Campbell is solid as a pun intended.
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    The silver bullet band is primarily a live road band, most of Segers hit songs were played by session players.
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    Ive heard of the bassist john campbell.
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    I remember hearing him play in a bar band shortly before he got the gig with Seger. Played a Precision thru an Acoustic amp with the big 18" cab. Big, punchy sound. I remember thinking what a great, solid player he was. Just layin' it down with no hesitation.

    I also saw Seger and his future guitar player Drew Abbott play (in differant bands) on differant occasions in the late 60's for something like $2.50!