Anyone seen this Jaco w/ Joni Mitchell video? Anyone know what he's doing?

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  1. All I can say is... awesome. Love Jaco, love what he's doing here. The playing he's doing while Joni is singing is great on it's own... but man.. what he does after just amazes me. Anyone have music/tabs (I read both, TYVM) for anything here? Anyone have any clue what he's doing with those harmonics right after the singing ends cause... it's sweet! And then he does that little jam (I realize, he's using a loop machine) and that's just really cool. I love how he hits the bass to get that percussive effect in the loop as well. Just awesome.
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    I never know anything Jaco does...

    Joni had an ALL-STAR band though.
  3. Amen to that. I spy Pat Metheny there as well...
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    Pat Metheny on guitar and Michael Brecker on Sax...Don Alias on drums, Lyle Mays on keys.
    All killin', and all supporting the music.
  5. Great era of pop music.

    If you dig this era of Joni, Shadows and Light is the live CD/DVD that documents this famous tour.

    Studio albums that feature Jaco:

    Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (stunning CD)
    Mingus (great... a bit out there)

    If you are a Jaco fan.. buy them all... quickly!
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    "Dry Cleaner From Des Moines" is a must listen on that album...

    And of course "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat"
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    I have the Shadows and Light DVD, wish there was more straight up footage of the show
  8. Apparently a lot of people have seen this :D
    Anyone have music for any of it? (Doesn't surprise me if there isn't any, he did a lot of improvising live)
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    I prefer Joni with The Band...
  10. :scowl:

  11. In some ways, that DVD sucks. Just when the band is really kickin' it, the idiot director pans to the audience. You just want to scream.
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    Are you saying that because of the awful performance she did of Helpless at the Last Waltz? Or just don't like early Joni?
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    Man... I would have killed to be at that show. Joni is an American treasure, no doubt.
  14. Me? Haha, I'm just givin' him a hard time.
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    ...yes, that + the artsy-video non-live band footage ("Coyote"). The editing is, at best, "frustrating".
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    Saw them live and it was one of the top ten of my life. Jaco was just one of the players supporting the music.
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    He had an MXR delay in the rack above his amps. I believe it went thru only one of his amps (2 Acoustic 360s). The weird sounds in the beginning of his solo are him adjusting the delay time as sound is passing thru it. Then there's the looper which he could layer sounds on but not much more than a couple seconds. The distortion comes from the amp, gain all the way up. As for the harmonics, they are open combined with fretted notes. Welcome to the world of Jaco!
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    He was definitely one of the people who invent (by just doing) things that have 'classic' at the core of them. And it seems, and it's a bit of a drag at times, that there's a price to pay in this life for that kind of highly-focused talent. But you have to use it anyway! God bless 'im, he did.

    That staccatto-16th feel- that very funkiness- has stayed with me ever since I heard it. I say that bass is a rhythm instrument first. Just my take, but I've got testimony...
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    The percussive sounds that Jaco gets with Joni is a "Palm Slap" - so rather than slapping with his thumb, Jaco uses the flat or heel of his palm and hits the strings with his palm parallel to the fingerboard. You can hear this on a lot of the recordings he made with Joni.
  20. whatever it was he was doing, it's certainly amazing... nowadays, we have loops station pedals... but they're pretty darn expensive.