Are These Good for Slapping?

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  1. Hello all,
    This is my first in this forum as I am an electric player, but at my local music store last night they had one of these sitting around. and I gave it a go, both through an amp and acoustic, and was quite impressed. Good feel, nice sound for Jazz and a fair price (I think) at $1050 Cdn. It is obviously alot smaller than a full size, making transportation a hell of alot easier,which is a big selling point, but I am wondering about versatilty.
    Now my question I am looking for, can these types of basses be used for slap a la Lee Rocker? I tried, and I will be the first to admit that I cannot play that style, but for those that can, will these basses do the job?

    Any help/info with re: to these style guitars would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't think so at all. The bridge is too low. They really look like a hybrid between a fretless electric and an electric upright bass. For slapping, you need gut strings and higher action.
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    Not necessarily. There's plenty of rockabillies who use steels and low action. You can slap on an electric upright, but to my ears it doesn't sound right.
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    You'd be way better off with the Ergo Electric Upright which you can bow and you can slap.

    There is now a Canadian Distributer/Dealer and the pricing is actually slightly less than the Dean.

    The Ergo is far superior in quality, playability and tone than the Dean, I have a 4 string Ergo and really like it alot.

    There are several posts on this site related to Ergo EUB's, check them out and Jesse's website at ergoinstruments.

    I can get you the number for the Canadian Dealer, he currently has a couple in stock which I'm sure he would let you check out and play. He lives just NorthEast of Toronto....

    I'd stay away from the Dean, they're cheap but not really a bargain in comparison.