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artec SE3P...

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by darthplagis, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. images.
    ok, i have a jag bass, and i ripped the guts out due to crappy stock pre.

    well i would love a glokenklang or a delano pre, but funds simply don't allow for it :(

    i have tried an artec in the past... and the only issue i had with it was the helpful battery low indicator :p (the pre squealed like a synth if you adjusted the pots if the battery was low... interesting and fun.... if annoying)

    well i have seen the artec SE3p, 3 band with sweepable mids on two stack pots.... handy for the jag bass.... as i can pop those and the circuit in the normal control plate part.... but i don't want a blend and ideally would like to keep the active passive option also... but as the schematic below shows the Vol is on the board.

    with some digging i have found the vol to be a standard 500k so passive 'should' be possible........

    so the big Q is anyone good with electronics know if i could run a tone from the vol or manage to bypass it?
  2. ok having looked a bit more, a Q for those more electronically minded....

    would a one of these work as a volume pot replacer so i can keep the pre amp wide open without a pot on the outside of the bass, then i could in theory run passive before the pre also :)