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Ashdown EVO with Dr Bass 212

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by leelove, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. leelove


    Oct 26, 2007
    Hi there boys wondered if anyone out there has tried this combination.
    Background: Currently use an 80s jazz thru a boss bass overdrive (although prob gonna try out a sansamp as used one recently for recording and sounded great!...More for a little grit n gring rather than full gain).
    Got an Ashdown EVO11 which so far been very happy with. Got a Mag410 cab which I know probably aint the greatest 410 cab in the world but, as i used to use a battered old single 15 inch, I feel ive lost something (...does that sound a little obvious?)..I like the 'tightness' of tens but feel ive lost that bottom..
    Was thinking Id go middle 4 diddle and try some 12s. Im knocking on and therefore wanted to get neos to assist the old back...
    Being in the UK ive narrowed it down (easy to do...) to just the GK 212 neo or theres someone getting some Dr bass 212s in too... The Dr Bass look like more bang for yr Buck/Pound...Not much else avaialble here really...

    Anyone think itd work well? Or should i think about The GKs? (Theres a sweet lookin Aguilar 212 on ebay too but sems mighty heavy!)

    Any ideas, back up etc much appreciated! Thanks in advance fellas.
  2. Les Izmor

    Les Izmor

    Mar 10, 2008
    Western Mass
    I'm new here but have some knowledge that may pertain to your search, having gone through a similar quest myself. I play a 69 Jazz bass through an Ashdown ABM 500 EVO II which is I think the amp you are using, though you could have the 300 watt model, which shouldn't matter too much here. I use an EDEN 212xlt (xlt is the ported model=more low end). I am VERY happy with the sound. It is a great split between the tightness of tens, and the boom of a 15. Just as a reference I personally love "old school" bass sounds: motown, james brown, led zep, bob marley, etc. And I have been using this combo for YEARS (can't remember when I bought it but it was years before 2001, started with ashdown before evo II I think, got stolen and replaced it with EVO II).

    I'm not specifically knowledgeable about the gk or dr bass cabs, and I've never played through neo's but I have tried Aguilar 212's and they are very similar to my cab. Of course if you can try the dr bass and gk and even the aguilar that would be best, as your taste may be different than mine. And of course it goes without saying that it really all comes down to touch. However if you miss your 15 and really don't want to get another one (or use it if you still have it?) I guarantee that you will be happier with the 12's over the 10's. Much rounder than 10's, a little more "stuff" in the low end (esp. the low mid). But not as "loose" as a 15.

    Also, have you tried eliminating the pedal from the signal chain (going direct into the amp?) just to rule out bad battery, or the amp may just amplify it in a way you don't like? I've found pedals to be fairly different through different amps, and would mess with that first. By the way I use an original bass micro synth and a Big Muff pi sometimes and they totally mess with my lowend , but the sound is so cool I just accept it as part of the deal. Good luck and keep us posted!

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