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Avatar B212 and GK 700 RB Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by LevinFan, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. LevinFan


    Aug 4, 2008
    Louisville Ky
    Hey, guys, I'm going to get the Avatar B212 and GK 700 RB II.

    I've not played bass since '85 and I've never owned anything other than a combo, so I have a couple of questions so I don't screw up my purchase.

    I understand the GK is bi-amped, and I'm hip to what that means and all, and both the GK and the Avatar have the speakon connections. So my question is, am I right to assume the speakon cable will send power to both the 12's, and the horn ?

    Also, should I go with an 8 ohm B212 instead of a 4 ohm to allow the option of adding the Avatar B410 if I decide to ?

    And lastly, although I'm not willing to budge on the choice of Avatars, if anyone can suggest a more reliable head for the same money, or less, and with the same or more wattage, I'm all ears. I just want a reliable head.

  2. Sir,
    (Edit: See above! I misread the question!)

    Concur on the 8 ohm - I have the 8 ohm version for that very reason (pairing with 2x10). I've never been able to put the 4 and 8 ohm B212s side by side for a volume comparison, but mathmatically speaking there shouldn't be a significant audible difference ... certainly the gains there are outwighed by the requirement for a 2 ohm head.

    There are a lot of GK 700 fans here - but there's also a lot of recent postings from MarkBass LMII + Avatar and G-B Shuttle 6 + Avatar as well; I went LMII + B212 myself.
  3. robgo


    Jan 25, 2008
    The speakon output on the back of the GK is a 4 pole socket, with 2 poles from the main amp and 2 poles from the seperate 50 watt tweeter amp. If you use a normal 2 pole speakon cable you will only be using the output from the main amp and the tweeter volume control will not work. This is fine and what a lot of GK amp users do, but you won't be making the most of the GK bi-amp setup (many will say that is no great loss). i.e. you'll be sending all 480 watts (at 4ohm or 320 at 8ohm, plenty loud enough anyway) to all the speakers in your cab.

    The GK700 is a great amp and you'll find many on here agreeing that for the price you're not likely to get anything that matches the power, tone or reliability. Of course there's plenty of others who have other preferences and the little mark seems like a nice small unit. I suppose it depends on your preferences for sound etc.

    Suffice to say you won't go wrong with the GK700/avatar set up you suggest.
  4. As stated above, the Biamp feature only works with GK Cabs (and only specific models at that). So it will NOT work with your Avatar cab. However, you can modify your cab to make it work with the 4 pole Speakon and Biamp feature, but IMHO, not worth the trouble.

    I had a GK700BII and ran an Avatar B210NEO and a GK112NEO. I used the Biamp feature for the the 112. It was 'ok'. Nothing really revolutionary or head turning. It just gives you more control of how much tweeter you want. I never had it past 9:00.

    GK stuff is reliable, has plenty of power and can get some good tones. I sold mine here for $300ish to go lighter and try some other stuff. So these heads are a super bargain on the used market.

    I run my GK NEO112's with an LMII or GB NeoPak 3.5. (2 ohm) now.
  5. LevinFan


    Aug 4, 2008
    Louisville Ky
    Thanks guys for taking time to help. 'Preciate the info.

    There are two local shops about four miles apart here. One sells the GK, and another sells the Genz Benz, so I guess I should just get the cabinet first, and take it with me and check out both heads.

    I'll call around and see if there is a shop that has the Markbass as well. I'd rather let the local shops make a buck than order a head.

    One last question about the bi-amp issue. Won't the GK bi-amp feature work on any cab with a horn and the four pole speakon ?
    Edit to add: ok, rappa answered that and I missed it.
    Fair enough.
  6. I'm no expert, but from what I've read around here, the cab has to be wired to so that the 4 pole speakon runs the Tweeter control to your tweeter and the Woofer control to the woofer.

    AFAIK, you can't just hook up a 4 pole Speakon cable into any cab and have the GK Biamp work as intended.

    Just saw your edit. It's all good.
  7. LevinFan


    Aug 4, 2008
    Louisville Ky
    Aw, ok. When I googled "speakon", the link I chose did say the connectors(four pole type) had to be wired the same, as some manufacturers wire them differently.

    I live, I learn lol.

  8. jtc_hunter


    Feb 16, 2007
    I have the 700rbII w/ an 8 ohm b212. I play passive basses. If i run my input volume past 12:00 on the 700rbII, I will drown out our vocal floor monitors , of which we run 4 . I always run the D.I. out(GK's onboard DI is excellent and dial-able) to get more bass out front. There is a point where too much stage volume will be a negative factor on the bands performance.
  9. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    I would recommend that you spend the additional $100 and get the 1001 RB II - it's a bullet proof head. Get the cab in 8 ohms. In the unlikey event that you need to drive an extension cab - you aren't topped out.

    Tonally either head works fine with the Avatar cab.

    If you are buying new, the best prices to be had on GK are generally at www.RMCAudio.com where at last puchase a 1001 RB II was $619 delivered. For me it's either there or it's the GFS at this site.
  10. LevinFan


    Aug 4, 2008
    Louisville Ky
    Thanks jtc. I'll be using a passive bass as well.

    Thanks for the heads up ! I'll take a look.
  11. Gearhead43


    Nov 25, 2007
    My Avatars have these neat little knobs that turn up and down the tweeters. Bi-amp, shmy-amp.
  12. ZonGuy


    Sep 2, 2007
    I have both the GK 700 RBII and the 8 ohm Avatar B212 neo. Good pairing based on very limited experience. I have had the Avatar for less than 3 weeks. The GK is a great sounding clean amp, the Avatar B212 neo is a lot of cab for the money (but it ain't no Bergie).

    I am running that rig tonite for a jam, if want an opinion, PM me tomorrow.

    There is a different sound between 12s and 10"s. If I had to do it over, I mght have gone with a 4 ohm Avatar 4x10 neo. It boils down to personal preference.

    I really prefer the LMII w/ the Aguilar 8 ohm 210 and going DI to the PA for more volume.

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