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Awkward ESP lines?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Zezjek, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Zezjek


    Mar 22, 2011
    So I've been lurking around looking here for a decent bit, stalking build threads mainly (with a huge bass boner at some of the work I've seen here) and have recently decided that I need a better bass. I currently play an ESP B-305FM in trans black (I'm not sure if there are other finishes) and its definitely a fantastic bass and I love her to death but the low B is kind of dead sounding at times and the pickups aren't great, but neither are they worth replacing. But I just came across something called the ESP Halibut (pic should be attached if all goes well) and have been wondering if anyone knew if A) its legit ESP (even an off branch) B) If its any good or C) where I'd be able to buy one. Ive seen them for resale and I'm assuming people don't just pull them out their ass so I'm figuring there must be somewhere that sells them =/ Any info would be nice. Thanks a ton if you actually read all of this by the way =P

  2. Fat.Mike


    Dec 15, 2006
    Tulsa, Ok
    Cool bass. This thread has a little info from someone who used to own. I, however, would not ask if it is still for sale...


    Looks to be ESP Japan. They make alot of cool stuff over there that we can't get here without having a friend in Japan to buy and ship it to you. I would love to own one of their Gibson RD copies.
  3. Im not sure where you are located. Yes, its an ESP Halibut - should be a great bass as ESP makes good stuff. Ive owned a few and the B has been fine. Your bass could probably use a good setup to get that B tight and responsive. Then I would replace the electronics.

    As for the Halibut. Its a Japan model and will be hard to get in the USA.
    Look at USA site to see your choices
    The ESP Guitar Company | 2011 USA Website

    ESP Japan web site. You wont find most of this in the USA
    ::::: Electric Sound Products :::::
  4. Zezjek


    Mar 22, 2011
    Ahhh ok thank you =D Kind of sad hearing how I'm in NY though lol. Don't think I have a way of getting one over here, and I sure as hell can't get over there any time soon =P Thanks again though =D
  5. Ya I remember I saw that website and wondered why they didn't sell them here, since I am sure they would be bought a lot more. They are such nice quality and unique bodies that I don't know why they don't expand where they sell these basses.
  6. darkstorm


    Oct 13, 2009
    O wow, lucky peeps in thsoe countries that can get those models. On your esp b305fm, try this: Lower the low B side of neck put about 1 turn with screwdriver and raise the bridge pup on the low B string side about 1 turn. See if that helps the low B sound a little bit. Adjust pups further from there if needed. Btw when one pups height starts creating a bit of a fuzzy less articulate sound or strings are in danger of banging into it, dont raise it any more and lower it about a half turn. Most of the time pup height will teak the tone a little. Wich neck pups, higher can mean a little less distinct sound. And lowering low B or E side a tad can help. Too low and just sounds weak.

    You also might try diff strings. I think rotosound swing 66 and dean blue steel make great sounding B strings. Less mucky sound prone then most.

    I'll often slightly lower the neck pup low E side or raise the bridge pup low E side a little. It helps balance out articulation with low bass womp. Conversely I'll also sometimes lower the bridge pups G sting side a tad so that it gets just a little bit more neck pup voicing to it.

    I'm mentioning these ideas cause the ESP Ltd fivers in 35 scaleZI've heard and tried are among the best sounding low B basses in the under $900 price range that Ive heard. And better then some over $1,000 basses Ive heard. And tweaking pup heights and angle does improve the sound compared to its out of box pup height etc.
  7. Zezjek


    Mar 22, 2011
    Ohhh alright I'll give it a try man thanks =D
    New strings though so I'll just give the pups a tweak and see what happens =P

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