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  1. BearPaws


    May 6, 2011
    Quebec, Canada
    I received yesterday a second order in a few months from Axe Music, in Canada ( Both times small orders of some inexpensive but greatly needed gear and accessories.

    It's been a real pleasure doing bussiness with them each time, and everything from packaging to invoicing to shipping was top notch. Small extras and a nice personnal touch were added in both orders.

    I felt compeled to write this small message, since in those strange times it seems like you always get less for more. It's good to feel to other way around once in a while, and to be more than a number on an invoice for a merchant. I want to specify that i'm not affiliated in anyway with them, this is just a small note to show genuine customer appreciation.

    Thank your for taking the time to read.
  2. I may have to cancel my order with L+M, as my online order status was just updated to "Items Backordered", and re-order through Axe as they have both pieces I ordered, in stock.

    Nice words to hear!
  3. While it is nice to try stuff in-store, their consistent inability to properly and promptly ship things leads me to almost boycott L+M in terms of ordering things from out of town. I've ordered stuff through them, and wasn't notified until after they had it in store for a matter of months, and even then only through e-mail, by which time I decided to order the stuff online for cheaper anyway.
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    Nov 12, 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    Yup, I have dealt with Axe Music a few times and it has always been a positive experience, only 5% sales tax and a free T-Shirt every delivery!