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Azolla eub

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by Mark Sacchetti, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. I have been looking to buy a lighting bug eub and cant find anyone who has one in stock. I called Azolla 3 times and havent been able to get a response from them. What gives? Anyone know where you can purchase one?

    516 319 8110
  2. I'm copying this thread in the [DB]Wanted Classifieds.
    Hope you find one!
    (did you search the For Sale board?)
  3. Mike Carr

    Mike Carr

    Feb 5, 2002
    Hong Kong
    I had been in contact with them early 2005 about a Lightning Bug.
    At the time they were back-ordered. Their website indicates that they were not going to attend the Winter NAMM Show in LA this year. I guess they may have enough orders to fill already! But I suggest that you keep trying to contact them. They had been pretty good about getting back to me when I was inquiring about their basses. They were able to connect me with someone local to me that owned one, just so I could check it out. The Lightning Bug is a very cool little bass. It's design is clever and it's very well built, a great solid-bodied EUB! I ended up going for something different from another maker and I am happy with my choice. But in hindsight I kind of wish I had been able to get a Lightning Bug as well, because it looks like there may be a waiting list for these basses now.
  4. I just got an email from Jill and indeed they were at NAMM. Seems that email works best.
  5. Jill was kind enough to pm me and I followed up with a call to her. She did mention that they were just catching up after attending NAMM.

    We were able to discuss the logistics of trying to get a lighting bug. She explained that they are very busy and their stock is sold out. She told me that she will try and see what she could do and wuld get back to me.

    I found her to be kind and sincere. I hope the stars will align properly and I will be able to get one.:meh:

  6. Hello
    I may have a Bugbass II for sale
    I will know more hopefuly tomarrrow
    I will let you know
  7. Jill and Steve were kind enough to make room in their build schedule for a LB for me. It Took a bit to get it all together, on my end,but its a go. Looking forward to making music with it.

    Thanks Steve and Jill:)
  8. Great, Mark!
    Enjoy your LB!

    Do you want me to remove the thread in the Wanted forum now?

  9. Yes Please.

    Thanks everyone for the support
  10. Recently spoke with Jill and the good news is that the LB will be ready to ship soon, possibly by the middle of next week.:hyper:
  11. armybass

    armybass Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2001
    There are no finer people in the Bass World than Steve and Jill Azola. I can not even bef\gin to describe the superior customer service they provide, not to mention the finest EUB I have ever owned. My biggest mistake in all of my gear swapping was letting my Baby Bass go. I will have another someday. Hope you enjoy your Azola as much as I did mine.
  12. First Impressions:

    The new LB is beautiful to look at and better yet it sounds amazing!!

    It is a high quality well made instrument that fufills its promise of form, function, and portability without sacrificing tone. I am so happy that I choose this over the NS EUB.

    I didnt order any cosmetic upgrades and was not expecting the bass to be so good looking. This is no plain Jane bass.

    On to what really matters

    Fit and finish is excellant on this LB. Everything has a purpose and is laid out to be of maxium use when playing.

    It is very comfortable to play The neck and fingerboard feel great and are finished properly. I have small hands and I do not feel that I am "fighting" to play this EUB

    I love the electronics. I think the preamp is functional and practical with useable tone shaping for live "battle" conditions. The bass has plenty of character and it growls like a mofo. I am using TI solo Spiracores on the EUB and they need to break in. Note definition is very good with great clarity and sustain.

    I ordered the optional gig bag in addition to the std travel case I love the fact that I can "bag" up the eub strap it over my shoulder and go off without a worry.

    I also ordered the stand for the bass and it does the job quite well.

    Ill post more thoughts as I use the eub over the next few weeks.

    Oh by the way I am using a LMII amp with a new Schroeder front firing mini 12 + light and cant say enuff about how great this set up sounds.
  13. mheintz


    Nov 18, 2004
    Mark, thanks for keeping us posted. How's the arco?
  14. Have not used it with a bow. Sorry to say. My stuff is back in SLC and Im on Long Island.
  15. mheintz


    Nov 18, 2004
    Mark, how's about an update now that you've put the bass through its paces?