SOLD Bacchus WL-424 CAR w/ Matching Headstock

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    I have for sale a beautiful Candy Apple Red Bacchus Bass Model WL-434 with Matching Headstock and a Mint Pickguard. This is my 3rd Bacchus bass, I still have the 5 string, and they are truly a bargain for the money.

    I installed a few upgrades, IMHO, that worked well with this bass. Stock, I felt the bass was too bright for my taste, so I installed a set of Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Jazz Bass pickups. The SD's worked out well taming the brightness that I was not fond of.

    I replaced the stock control assembly with a Emerson Jazz Bass Control Assembly. See Emerson Link below.
    Replaced the stock tuners with Hipshot HB3 Vintage Style Machines and last, I replaced the stock bridge with a Fender Vintage Threaded bridge.

    The body is Alder and the maple neck has a dark Rosewood Fretboard that is straight and very stable. Presently, I have it set up with DR a new set DR Sunbeams and adjusted with low action. The bass has Dunlop Straplocks on it and I also will include a set of Schaller Strap Locks for those that prefer the Schallers.

    The bass is in very good to excellent condition except for a ding on the bottom horn. See pic below. Bass weighs 8Lbs and 8 ozs.

    Included with the sale is the stock pickups, tuners, control plate assembly and bridge.

    The bass comes with the Stock Bacchus Gigbag and I will include a few extra goodies. :D

    - 2 extra Bacchus Pickguards; White Pearloid and and a Tortoise Shell PG.

    - a sturdier Rockbass Gigbag. A few rough places, but, overall in decent shape.

    - an aftermarket Chrome bass bridge. Your choice, bridge with chrome or brass saddles. I know some like a higher mass bridge than the Fender Vintage. Note, the bass will ship with the Fender Bridge installed.

    - a NIB set of La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass Flats.


    Seymour Duncan site
    Antiquity II Jazz Bass
    Antiquity II Jazz Bass

    Emerson Control Plate assembly
    Emerson Custom Prewired Kit for Fender Jazz Bass

    Hipshot HB3 Machines
    HB3 > Store > Hipshot Products.








    Ding on lower horn




    extra Bacchus Pickguards


    your choice bridge


    Bacchus Stock hardware



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    Wow what a super deal.... love my Bacchus woodline. If only I needed another!
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    Price drop!
  4. flewis

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    Mar 3, 2006
    Raleigh, NC
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