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Bartolini 9J1S/SB pair

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Jherrera, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Jherrera

    Jherrera Guest

    Sep 25, 2004
    Just did my first soldering job and first pickup installion. Put these barts in my MIM jazz bass. I'm glad they put out two short pickups wound to match and they sound soooooo beautiful. No noise at all, I was considering shielding my bass but with all those RISK of ELECTROCUTION warnings I read on guitarnuts I damn nearly shat my pants. But no it seems like I won't even need to. Next month I have an audere pre-amp coming in so we'll just have to see about the noise situation after that and since I'm moving as well perhaps in the new environment things will be different.
    I'm going to throw on a badass II as well and then eventually a warmoth fretless lined with maple ebony fingerboard.... mmm...
    But at least Phaze I is done and I did it. I'm glad I did because now I feel closer to my bass, like I know a little bit more of what makes it tick.
    Anyway I'd like to thank all TB'ers for the great resources they have created on the interweb I would not be playing with these sweet f-ing pups without you guys (and gals I assume)
  2. Thumpin_P


    Nov 26, 2006
    Limestone, TN
    Hey J,
    Congrats on the installation, I also have a recently acquired MIM Jazz and I am considering all of my options as far as mods. I have considered those very Barts and am curious as to how they sound( clarity, Lows and highs, and so on...). I am debating on a preamp (Audere or J. East) or staying passive and shielding the crap out of it either way. Anyway, I am shopping for the pu's on Bestbassgear.com and they are out of stock. Where did you find your set and how much did you pay(if you don't mind me asking)? I am also considering a set of seymour duncan stacks instead of the barts, but I am leaning on your opinion as far as my choice, because I have heard barts in many instruments and like the sound.


  3. osciphex


    Jun 1, 2001
    I just recently put the bart 9J S/SB set into my MIM jazz. Here is what I think:

    The pickups sound more round and modern than the stock pickups. They have less of the characteristic J-bass snarl, for better or worse. (but it still sounds like a J-bass) There is definately a lot less noise also, as these are split coil pickups wound to match versus the stock single coils which at least on my older MIM are both wound the same way.

    I'm really happy with them though; I find its easier for me to get a consistent, thick, punchy sound. A bit of this is just because of the reduced noise floor enabling me to dial in higher gain settings on the amp, but the tone of these pickups is genuinely smoother than the stock pickups.

    They are noticably quieter (as in lower output) than the stock pickups. Even more so versus the uber-loud Dimarzio Model Js in my other bass. But this is easily resolved by turning up the input gain on your amp a little bit.

    I like 'em.
  4. Thumpin_P


    Nov 26, 2006
    Limestone, TN
    I did not realize the lessened output of the Barts. I had also heard about Ultra Jazz pickups, but I would have to rout the bridge cavity. I realize my pu choices are limited by the body, which makes me consider buying a Wartmoth Ash replacement body, but, that may be going too far for my budget. I do think the ash will age better than the basswood (poplar).
    I'm still in the very beginning stages of shopping though, and I will be buying a lot of parts.


  5. Cool beans, man. Way to go.
  6. Jherrera

    Jherrera Guest

    Sep 25, 2004
    I got mine off bestbassgear (must have got the last ones.) i think they were $135 but since they were a gift I'm not positive. I love them so far, very very quiet and much more versatile than the stock pups. I can't imagine all the possibilities once I get an audere in there.
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