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Bass Coleges

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by randallpants, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know any colleges in the michigan area that teaches electric not stand up bass for a performance degree. If not michigan anywhere else. I have to begin auditions in two months and the only places i can find is with stand up basses.
  2. Berklee School of Music in Boston focuses on modern music. You can study rock, jazz, metal, or whatever.
  3. efcleff


    Jan 20, 2003
    The University of Akron (Akron,Ohio) has an electric bass program. I think you'll find that any college that offers a bass program will also teach double bass. It's the job of the college to give a well rounded "bass" education, after you graduate then you go from there.Good luck !!!
  4. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002
    Musicians institute in LA has the bassist's institute inside it.

    Los Angeles Music Academy(LAMA) also has a strong bass program.

    MI is nice, great facilities, good teachers, lots of resources, but I question their want to teach to their want of money

    LAMA is the opposite, they are relatively new, and likewise have much less in terms of resources, equipment, and facilities. But the staff is all top-notch, and since it is very small, you are sure to get a lot of personal attention. (I have a friend going there now, she loves it)

    Berklee...I'll be going to berklee in jan. I have 3 friends currently enrolled, two of them arem y roommates, So far it seems like you get a lot of work, but both of them have been able to manage, for hte most part. my bassist friend who is going there is really liking it too.

    that's all the input I can provide, there are many other great schools with great music programs, but I don't know anything about them specifically so can't comment.
  5. does anyone know of any bass colleges in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the tri-state area?
  6. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    Seriously man :D ;)
  7. Lowend4s


    Jan 2, 2001
    I attend Columbia College Chicago as a Music Business major. But you can get a Bachelor of Arts in Instrumental Performance. I take lessons here and the teachers are all fabulous!
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