Bass knob Hz & lowest freq. on EQ's

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  1. Darkglass Alpha Omega bass knob:
    DK VD & B7K low knob:
    Ampeg SCR-DI BASS knob:

    Lowest frequency on EQ pedal (2nd lowest freq will be shown if the lowest is under 40hz):

    Whirlwind bass eq - 20hz, 40hz
    - - Note: constant q and huge size
    Whirlwind perfect 10 eq - 31hz, 63hz
    - - Note: same as bass version
    Mxr 10 band eq - 31.25hz, 62.5hz
    Behringer bass eq - 50hz
    Boss bass eq - 50hz
    - - Note: noisy
    Mxr 6 band eq - 100

    Mxr bass preamp - 40hz
    Mxr bass di+ - 60hz

    Let me know of other was to check out.
    Feel free to make sense of all this.
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  2. ProfFrink


    Jan 16, 2015
    yeah... (nice work BTW!)

    The way I try to make sense of it is I treat each eq as its own beast and dial it in by ear. Seems to work well enough. When mixing live or in the studio, sound guys can get really techie and use very exact eq profiles for achieving various effects or solving specific problems, but with live preamps (either pedals or in-amp), you're usually much more loose about it.

    Of course, I'm not an expert on any of this...
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  3. BurtMacklinFBI

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    Apr 3, 2018
    I think the higher frequency low knobs have been becoming more popular since more bassists are using high pass filters and/or recognizing the problems with goosing their lows in a live setting. I'm not crazy about that trend, as I really like the sound of a low frequency low knob even when using my high pass filter, but different strokes and all that.
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  4. Overall I'd bet the mxr bass preamp. Mxr 10 eq is 2nd place. (I own the ampeg scr-di)

    I'm looking for a metal tone. My current effects are sett to "punk". I'm look to boost the mids with some kind of dirt.

    Mxr bass preamp with the mxr bass distortion, darkglass b3k, alpha omicron or vintage microtubes would be cool.

    But I could get one of the darkglass b7k, vintage deluxe or alpha omega, because my scr-di is boosting the low end at 40hz.

    I'd like one pedal to do both eq and dirt, but having two individual pedal has it benefits. Well, one downside is taking two 9v slots on our power supply.
  5. SteveCS


    Nov 19, 2014
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    You need to look a bit deeper, so to speak. Most bass/low controls are shelving, so if it says +/-12dB at 100Hz, that actually affects everything below 100Hz.
    Equally, most will have a roll-off slope, Q, of between -3dB/Octave and -6dB/Octave, so thats respectively +9dB or +6dB at 200Hz, +6dB or 0dB repectively at 400Hz etc... So a higher cutoff still affects the lows the same as a lower cutoff, but may extend much more into the mid-range depending on Q.
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    Source Audio GEQs? Tech 21? Aggy Tone Hammer?
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    Genuinely: What's the question?
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